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Agorapulse vs Sprout Social – Which Is The Best Suite For You?

In this article we will be expantiating on the differences between agorapulse and sprout social, discussing on which one is the most suitable for your business, even if you are a large business owner, small business owner, or an individual this article is actually for you, due to the fact being that we have been able to gather enough data about both agorapulse and sprout social and even test both social media management tool to give you enough information about the both

So let's get started with this:

Some Fact: About Agorapulse And Sprout Social

From our research Agorapulse has been before it competitor(sprout social), but sprout social presently has gained more users and traffic to their website than agorapulse, though has at present agorapulse has up to an estimation  of 11,000 users but sprout social has more users than agorapulse. And also we found out that the founder(CEO) of Agorapulse is Emeric Ernoult, while the founder(CEO) of Sproutsocial is Justyn Howard and we noticed that the both social media management tools have the same function except from pinterest( that is agorapulse have not yet added pinterest as part of the social profile you can add to your account, but sprout social have pinterest added)

agorapulse social profiles

Those are actually some of the fact we were able to gathered and we are going to continue by discussing each of their features and both their pros and cons.


When you sign up or register for both software the left side of the dashboard is mostly used by both companies especially agorapulse. On the right side of Sprout Social, there are some supplementary menu.

Sprout Social is the only application featuring a dashboard link for the main Dashboard. Important team tasks, performance evaluations, and pending approvals are all listed on this board. When logging in to Sprout Social, this is frequently the first page you visit.

By creating a less crowded interface, Agorapulse makes up for this. There is a big amount of blank space with a sizable section of your tools behind the equipment in the top-right corner. Although Agorapulse may not have as much features as Sprout Social, but it is actually undoubtedly more user-friendly.

You can get an view of what we are trying to explain in the images below:

agorapulse dashboard
sproutsocial dashboard


If you have any questions while using the program, Sprout Social includes a live chat option that is reasonably helpful. The business also provides customer service, but customers who want a walkthrough must pay the upfront fee. Agorapulse claims to have a 30-minute response time for their chatbot technology.

Both businesses have a knowledge base system that makes it relatively simple for you to execute self-service. On any website, you can quickly obtain sales available and organize a demo.

Each businesses have solid reputations; G2 and Software Advice gives both roughly 4.5 stars overall.


Both have a scheduling feature and auto publishing feature, ability to also add emojis, images, video, hashtags in your post, let's get a simple view of agorapulse scheduling feature in the image below

agorapulse scheduling

So far the only difference I have seen is that sprout social kinda have more workflow in their scheduling features as in the image below;

sprout social calendar view


All social media direct messages are gathered by both social media management tool in a "social inbox." and both agorapulse and sprout social let you change between message views based on a date range and social media sources. The "smart inbox" is what Sprout Social refers to as.

As it incorporates all social interactions like direct messages, comments, retweets, and identification of new followers, Sprout Social's Smart Inbox is much busier than Agorapulse's interaction management function. Under the "message types" dropdown menu, you can select to tick and uncheck these boxes.

You can sort by sourcing and tags provide the same purpose as labels. The establishment of VIP contacts is one area in which Social Sprout excels in this field.

sprout social inbox management

Also with Agorapulse, you can quickly sort by what you need to evaluate and what you've already seen because it focuses more on public comments, though you can also create an inbox assistant rule, various members of your social media team can be tasked with responding to comments.

Your comments can also be sorted by labels. For instance, if you received complaints on a certain subject, you could want to group them all together under one category to look for patterns.

agorapulse social media inbox


Both Agorapulse and sprout social have the reporting and analytics fearure, for sproutsocial we have three types of analytics( post performance, competitor's performance, profile performance) but agorapulse only has post performance report where you can view how your post performs, for sprout social you can see the image below;

sprout social reporting


first we will be discussing about the pros of agorapulse


  • We had little trouble integrating Agorapulse into our daily routine and observed an instant boost in our creativity, productivity, and capacity to be more engaged across all platforms/channels.
  • The outstanding customer service is the finest part. They are receptive and typically have an appropriate reaction for everything, even, if necessary, a solution to a workaround.
  • I adore how simple it is to use and navigate. I have an extremely busy schedule, therefore Agora's simplicity of use helps me save a ton of time.

Some of this pros are gathered from some user reviews and let's also discuss about thr pros of sprout social


  • The user experience is greatly enhanced by the interface's cleanliness, accessibility to the majority of tools for all features, and elegant and inviting design.
  • I adore how the calendar is set out. Additionally, the reporting it provides is quite useful for determining which material performs best and for giving clients access to an appealing report.
  • The capability for numerous people to generate, review, and publish material is one of Sprout's finest features. Our team has saved a ton of time as a result of this.

We are going to be discussing on their cons, and as we usually say anything that has an advantage must surely have a disadvantage, so let's discuss about their disadvantages


  • Another feature that AgoraPulse lacks is the ability to upload stories to Instagram.
  • Inability to add pinterest profile


  • It has a high price tag, making it difficult for startups to justify purchasing it.

let's discuss about agorapulse and sprout social pricing;


Agorapulse and sprout social have almost similar pricing but both have free trial agorapulse have two 15-day free trial which makes it 30-day free trial(i.e once you are done with the first 15-day free trial, you will be allowed to file for another 15-day free trial) while sprout social have a 30-day straight free trial.

Agorapulse pricing plans starts with $79/month annually and $99/month if you go for a monthly plan but sprout social starts with  $89/month annually and $99/ month when you choose the monthly, the image below shows that of agorapulse pricing plans

agorapulse pricing

From the Image above we notice that the plans are starting from $79/month that is why you go for the annual payments, but when you click on the toggle above it changes to monthly payments starting at $99/month.

Get a view of sproutsocial from the image below

sprout social pricing

Our Conclusion: Agorapulse vs Sprout Social

Now is where we try as much as possible to solve most of the question asked about this topic which is actually based on what to choose between agorapulse and sprout social; we are actually going to be frank with this in the sense that if you are a small business owner with at least some money to start up with, we will advice you go for AGORAPULSE but if you still have enough money to start with then SPROUTSOCIAL will and is the utmost best suitable for you. However, if we are to say which is the best we will actually go with sprout social even if agorapulse has been before sprout social, if you have any opinion you can comment down below, we will try as much as possible to reply to your comment.

You Can Watch A Video That Talks About Agorapulse and Sprout Social, though supports agorapulse but sprout social stills stands out.

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