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3 Best Employee Scheduling Software Platforms For 2022

Do you want to keep your staff busy by using the best employee scheduling software?

There isn't any other option. Scheduling software is essential for any company that wants to ensure that their employees are productive. Using clumsy spreadsheets to manage team schedules isn't going to cut it any longer.

We're going to show you the greatest staff scheduling options for businesses of all sizes today. We're convinced that one of the tools on this list will meet or surpass your expectations. We'll tell you about their main characteristics as well as the price.

Are you ready? Let's get started!

Summary - Best Employee Scheduling Software Compared

Our recommended employee scheduling software compared and tested are listed below:

  • Soon: For the most part, the best employee scheduling tool. It’s easy, economical, and robust.
  • Connecteam: The best option for those who require more than just employee scheduling. It offers task management, communication, and other features.

#1 - SOON: Best Employee Scheduling Software - Most Favourite's


For the ordinary user, SOON is the best employee scheduling tool. It's a straightforward tool that everyone can use right away. It's cost-effective and makes scaling your team simple.
So, what are your options with Soon?

You have a lot of potential. You can make your day-to-day operations easier with the scheduling feature. It allows you to build events that you may alter and customize as needed. Then, based on their jobs and skills, you can invite others to that event. You can plan events as far in advance as you want. You may see all of the activities that are scheduled for the day, week, or month.

You may also manage your team's vacations with this employee scheduling software. From within the tool, you can generate, review, and approve time-off requests. It's just as simple to create new groups and assign roles. Best of all, you can keep track of everyone's time and attendance, as well as export timesheets for payroll purposes.

You can give your staff some scheduling flexibility. They can plan their shifts around their availability and vacation time. Each person also receives an inbox to facilitate communication. Changes to their shift schedule will be communicated to them here.

Conversational Change Requests is another feature that helps your employees to handle shift changes more easily and autonomously. They have the option of canceling shifts, exchanging shifts with coworkers, or dropping an open shift.

It significantly enhances the scheduling process in any firm and ensures that everyone is heard. It's also useful for payroll because it keeps track of everyone's activities.

You can schedule a 30-minute online demo with the Soon team to observe the tool in action. They'll demonstrate how it can aid in the management of your day-to-day scheduling activities. The company also features a Help Center where you may learn more about how things function.

Soon, three options will be available. You have the option of paying on a month-to-month basis or opting for a yearly subscription. It should be noted that moving to an annual plan would result in a 20 percent savings.

#2 - Connecteam- Best Employee Scheduling Software


CONNECTEAM is more than simply a time management tool for employees. It accomplishes a lot more. As a result, it's the best scheduling software for individuals who require more advanced features.
This tool is ideal for work management and team communication. It is capable of handling employee training. For a more effective onboarding process, you can even construct a knowledge center. Let us not, however, get ahead of ourselves. Let's start by going over all of the different staff scheduling options.

You can build schedules in minutes using Connecteam and share them with your team in a single click. By dragging and dropping items into place, you can reorganize them. You can also assign open shifts to your employees. You'll be able to know which of your employees are unavailable, sick, or over their limitations at a glance.

Employees will be notified via push notifications if their shifts change. Their schedules will always be available to them. You'll also be notified anytime they accept, decline, or finish projects.

You can access all of your data even on the go thanks to Connecteam's mobile app.

The Time Clock function allows you to see when your employees clock in and out in real time. You'd even be able to track your location using GPS. This not only aids in the monitoring of staff availability, but it also aids in the streamlining of your payroll department's process. Auto-breaks, overtime, double-time, daily limits, and other critical data are all flagged by this tool.

You may also use a simple drag-and-drop editor in Connecteam to construct any type of form. This is great for tasks that necessitate the use of checklists or documentation. You'll receive real-time updates when forms are completed. These can then be exported to be analyzed further.

#3 - Calendly: Free Employee Scheduling Software


All you have to do with Calendly is choose the times and days that work best for you. A meeting is promptly confirmed when a coworker notices an open seat and selects it. You can easily reschedule if something comes up at the scheduled time and date.Calendly takes as many or as few bookings on your behalf as you choose. You can limit the number of meetings you attend. You can also establish a buffer interval before or after a meeting because not all meetings start or end on time.

Calendly is capable of detecting time zones. As a result, invitations sent between coworkers in various time zones will not be misunderstood. You can also send options-based meeting invitations. As a result, you or the recipient can combine meeting kinds to provide a wider range of hosts and availability.

Webinars for meetings with several visitors or a sales demo with more than one member of your team can be used for team meetings.

Workflows can be set up to automate communication before and after meetings. Calendly can be integrated into your website or email to make scheduling easier. You can also connect up to six calendars per person so you can monitor their availability in real time. You can also poll invitees to determine their favorite meeting hours.

This employee scheduling software is accessible via browsers and a mobile app. Calendly can be used in conjunction with CRMs. You may also use PayPal or Stripe to automate payments for Calendly events.

Calendly has a free version that can be used by folks who simply need basic auto-scheduling features.

What is the best employee scheduling software?

In our opinion, the best employee scheduling software is Soon. It's simple to use and offers all of the functionality you'll need to manage your personnel.

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