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Combin Review – Is Combin Safe, And How You Can Use It?

Most firms these days are relying on Instagram when it comes to social media growth. This platform has nearly a billion users, with 80% of them following brands. Instagram is a fantastic way to boost brand awareness and popularity for your business or personal brand.

With Instagram popularity so vital these days, many people are looking for strategies to increase their following quickly. This is why automation software is so widely used. There are a lot of Instagram automation apps to pick from these days. Knowing which ones are the safest and most effective might be tough.
Combin for Instagram is one of the most popular automation solutions on the market right now. This tool claims to "skyrocket" your brand's Instagram growth.

You might be questioning if utilizing this program is safe, given that many Instagram automation tools come with a risk. In this Combin review, I'll go through the service's primary features, pricing options, and advantages and disadvantages. I'll also offer my opinion on whether or not this gadget is safe to use.

Combin: The Basics

Combin is an Instagram automation tool that claims to help you grow your Instagram account's real followers and interaction. This technology, according to the Combin website, does not increase your account by accumulating transient likes and follow-backs. This is significant because Instagram's detection tools can be triggered by this type of growth. Instagram may disable or possibly ban your account if this happens.

Combin utilizes a search engine. You can use this to look for posts with hashtags and locations that are relevant to your brand. You can then choose the posts you want to like and comment on. From this search, you can also opt to follow users.

You must first download the program to your computer in order to use it.


Combin: It Key Features

This Instagram automation tool includes a number of features that will assist you in reaching out to your target audience.

Instagram Advanced Search

You may use Instagram's advanced search feature to find users and posts that are related to your specialty and target audience. To boost engagement with your account, you can interact with these persons and posts.

You can use this tool to search for people using hashtags, locations, and mutual followers. This tool can also be used to locate and interact with users who follow and interact with your competitors.

You can also combine two or more parameters to perform multi-faceted searches. You can, for example, look for users in your city who are using specific hashtags. You can also look for folks in your area who are talking to your competitors.

It also has an interactive map as part of its location search feature. This map allows you to locate the exact location you want to visit.

Audience Management -  Combin tool

You can search for hashtags, locations, and mutual followers with this tool. This tool can also be used to track down and interact with users that follow and engage with your competitors.

By combining two or more parameters, you can do multi-faceted searches. You can, for instance, look for folks in your city who are using specific hashtags. You can also look for folks in your area who are conversing with your rivals.

An interactive map is included in the location search feature. You can use this map to locate the sites you want to target with pinpoint accuracy.  You may also manage your audience with the Audience Management Combin tool.

Analysis of User Searches

You may use this tool to evaluate your searches and choose the best accounts to interact with. You have the option of only interacting with folks who are likely to reciprocate. You can avoid celebrity, significant brand, and spam accounts using the user search analysis feature. These accounts are all less likely to interact with and follow your brand.

A machine learning-enhanced algorithm is used in the user search analysis feature. This algorithm has a 90% accuracy rate when it comes to account analysis.

Sorting and Viewing

This tool allows you to choose which accounts you want to follow and which posts you want to respond to. Combin is primarily a manual tool, thus it will not take any action on your behalf until you give it permission.

Before dealing with a post or an account, use the sorting & preview feature to see a preview of it. You can sort by date and popularity to avoid following and interacting with accounts that are no longer active.

Figures on Activity

The option to track the likes, comments, and following you receive through the app is the final significant function that Combin offers. You can track your development as well as the number of followers, likes, and comments you receive using the activity analytics function. This is a great way to keep track of your progress and ensure that Combin is working properly.


Combin - Pricing And Plans 

There are three plans offered by combin and they are listed below


One of Combin's biggest features is that its starter plans is completely free. This plan allows you to link one Instagram account, making it the best choice if you're starting to establish a personal brand. The beginning package comprises the following items:

  • Searches for 50 posts
  • a total of 25 user searches
  • Limits of 250 actions per day

Personal Plan                                                                                                                                                                                   The monthly fee for the personal plan is $10. You can only link one Instagram account with this plan. This package is recommended by Combin for businesses and people who only have one Instagram account. You get more searches and access to more features with the personal plan. This strategy contains the following elements:

  • a thousand post searches
  • Searches by 1000 users
  • You'll be able to reload your search results.
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Daily acts are limitless.

The Business Plan of Combin
This package is recommended by Combin for users and businesses with several Instagram accounts. The monthly cost of this plan is $30. You can link up to five Instagram accounts with this package. You'll also have the option of adding up to ten more account connections. The following characteristics are also included:




Let me begin with the pros of utilizing Combin for Instagram. One of the things I admire about this software is how simple it is to communicate with other people. Right in the app, you may join in discussions under content you interact with. You may also use Combin to leave multiple comments at once and build comment templates. For groups of people, you can also schedule comments and likes. This feature will save you a lot of time.

It's really simple to set up and utilize the program once you've downloaded it. It's also a plus that their site has a "https" URL, indicating that it's safe to use. This implies that your personal information is secure on the site.

They also use secure payment gateways to keep your credit card information safe.

When you install the program on your computer, you'll be prompted to input your Instagram account details. The app employs two-factor authentication and does not store or share your login credentials.

Combin also has a FAQ and assistance website, which I find useful. It's really thorough, and you'll be able to discover answers to many of your questions before you sign up. You can also find contact details for Combin if you need extra assistance.


Now let's look at the disadvantages of utilizing Combin for Instagram. The first drawback of this application is that it requires you to download software in order to utilize it. I prefer automation tools that can be accessed through a web browser.

Despite the fact that Combin offers a number of security safeguards, I was hesitant to download the software. I'm always skeptical about downloading programs for apps from companies I don't know. There's always the possibility of getting a virus on your computer. I also dislike the fact that programs like these take up disk space.

Another irritating part of this tool is that in order to try it out, you must join their email list.


Despite the fact that Combin offers a lot of advantages, I would not recommend it. Combin isn't worth it to me because there are so many competing automation solutions with similar prices and greater features. This application isn't really noteworthy, and utilizing it appears to take a significant amount of time.

I believe this program is still under development because it has so many functions that its website describes as "coming soon." To be safe, if you're interested in Combin, I'd wait till there are a few more reviews on their website. The risk of having your account deactivated or banned is not worth it.

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