You are currently viewing FlexClip Review – The Best Online Video Editor(Youtubers, Bloggers, etc.)

FlexClip Review – The Best Online Video Editor(Youtubers, Bloggers, etc.)

Do you know that most marketers (62%) consider video engagement the top metric for businesses ?, and this is where video editing and video making comes into play.

For a long time, making and editing videos has been one of the most mentally demanding jobs accessible. Because there were few sites where industry-specific training was accessible, and the software offered was rare, complicated, and expensive, it was difficult to locate good publishers.

Nonetheless, all of this has altered in recent years, owing to the rise of video editors with a more user-friendly interface and more elegant tools to deal with their users' changing work. FlexClip, the greatest online video editor for beginners and pros, is an example of this. In this FlexClip review, I'll show you what it has to offer and how it can help you.

First, Let's start by answering one of the most asked question!

WHAT IS FLEXCLIP? - Our FlexClip Review

FlexClip is an excellent video editor for YouTube, making videos for social media, and other applications. It belongs to the genre of semi-professional video editors with a user-friendly interface and powerful features. FlexClip also offers thousands of beautifully designed templates and animated elements such as dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and more are available. The tool comes with everything you'll need to produce professional-level results at a consumer-friendly pricing.

It also has a two-in-one mode for editing and making videos, including a simple storyboard mode and a professional timeline mode. You can select a mode that best suits your needs and preferences. The timeline tool is more flexible for modifying audio, text, movies, and any other elements on the video, while the storyboard tool is easier.


One of the most amazing part of the software is that it is not expensive, a small business owner can start with it and grow his/her business without taking much from him/her. Let's talk about flexclip pricing



From the image above you will notice that flexclip as a Free plan, Basic plan, Plus Plan and Business plan.

Free plan of flexclip is somehow restricted in a way in which you will be restricted not only in video length, also in the amount of projects, inability to be able to upload custom fonts and no cloud storage. Those are the restrictions and as a business owner, I won't advice you go for the free plan, as a small business owner you can start with the Basic Plan where you pay as little as $9.99 monthly


  • BASIC PLAN -$9.99
  • PLUS PLAN - $19.99 
  • BUSINESS PLAN - $29.99


  • BASIC PLAN -$5.99
  • PLUS PLAN- $9.99
  • BUSINESS PLAN - $19.99

If you are wanting to save cost, I will advice you go for the annual payment plan which will save you a lot.

So let's learn how to use flexclip from a flexclip beta-tester user.


We are going to be using flexclip video editor together, to show you how simple is it to use flexclip video editor and why you should try it out today.

After Sign Up, you then log in to your account, your dashboard should be similar to the image below



To create a video there are two options: "Create by Templates" and "Start from Scratch." The first is a direct modification of the template, and the second is a complete video editing platform.

Start using "Create by Templates" if you're a beginner at video editing. Otherwise, you'll have to start over. To get started, I'll pick a template.


After choosing a  video template it should be similar to the image above

SECONDLY: Choose either a storyboard or Timeline mode, but for me I am going for storyboard mode


For This I choose Branding by the left and I add the name of my website


So I will change the Bakery image to startupbis


Finally I will export the video

final exp

The video just created  is below

Is FlexClip Safe To Use? - Our FlexClip Review

From our little research we noticed they work with and are trusted by a number of significant corporations, including Microsoft, Google, YouTube, and others.

They've also received a 4.5/5.0 rating on Trustpilot websites. They've been utilized by over 1.5 million people all across the world thus far. Nearly 400,000 people have signed up for their service.

flexclip imga
flexclip imga

FlexClip Final Verdict: Our FlexClip Review

FlexClip is the  video editor you've been looking for. It is the ideal application for you to demonstrate your skills thanks to its large variety of tools, filters, and elements. It is simple, powerful, and progressively complete.

It's a semi-professional video editor designed for hobbyists and small business owners who want to edit their own videos. All of the tools you'll need to achieve professional-looking outcomes are available for a minimal cost, if not for free. Don't put it off any longer, and go to FlexClip!

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