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How To Schedule LinkedIn Post For Auto Posting And Scheduling With Pallyy

In this article we will be expantiating our discussion on how to schedule linkedin post with pallyy, if you want to watch the video on how to schedule, you can quickly scroll down to check out my video from our youtube channel.

In this post I will try my best to be very straight forward on this topic, so let's get started:


Before you can be able to schedule post with pallyy, you must have signed up for the 15-day Free Trial and added your linkedin profile to pallyy, and when this is done your dashboard will look like the one in the image below:

pallyy dashboard

Once you enter your dashboard just as the one you are seeing above, so basically once you land on the dashboard as the image above then you will simply choose a date you want to post, when you hover on the date you will see a plus sign button you click on it, It will show you a dropdown of Text Post, Image Post. To get a full information of this. Check the image below to get more information about what I am trying to explain.

linkedin pall

So from the image above you will note that there are dropdowns of text post, media post, note, but I will click on the text post when you click on the text post, it will be similar as the image you are seeing below;


So you can see from the image above you can easily type in your text and remember we choose Date 14 of June, That means it will be automatically posted for us on the 14th of June, so when you are done typing in your content, you can add hashtags and emojis.

NOTE: For you to add hashtags you must first create a list of hashtags in a group, check the image below to get a view of what I am trying to say;

pallyy hashtags-1

Then you create a list and then name the list and add the hashtags, make sure that the hashtags are having the '#' in their front and seperate them with comma, then you save. Check the image below to understand a view of what I am trying to say;

pallyy hashtags-2

After you save then you go back to calendar and then you click on the date you want to post to and then type your content, after that you add your hashtag when trying to add hashtags you will be required to choose the hashtags you earlier created and also you can add some emoji's depending on how you want it let's take a view with the image below

pallyy hashtags-3

When you Click on the hashtags you earlier created it will automatically paste it on your content for you. and if you don't it to be text only, you will have to turn off Text only see the image below;

pallyy toggle

You Can Then Upload

pick image
save pallyy

Once you click on schedule, it will be scheduled automatically to the date you chose, you can check the image below;

linkedin pallyy

If you want to start scheduling linkedin post, you can start scheduling today by trying their 15-day Free Trial 

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