You are currently viewing Iconosquare Review – More than just a tool for measuring social media.

Iconosquare Review – More than just a tool for measuring social media.

Welcome to our Iconosquare review.

It is one of the best social media analytics tools available. And by the end of this post, you'll see why we believe that.

However, it is capable of much more than just analytics.

Look no further than Iconosquare if you want to manage your social media accounts and improve your digital marketing strategy.

In this Iconosquare review, we'll go over what this tool is, what it can do, and how much it costs. You’ll learn just how this tool can improve your social media strategy.


Iconosquare began as an Instagram analytics tool but has since expanded to include other social networks. It can now handle Instagram analytics and scheduling, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It serves many functions, but its ultimate goal is to unify all of your social media profiles so that you can manage them all under one roof.

To understand how Iconosquare works, we'll look at its key features and how they can benefit digital marketers.

Social media scheduling with Iconosquare
Social media scheduling enables you to publish posts immediately or at a later time. Auto-publishing is a fantastic feature to have, especially if you struggle to post on a regular basis. Iconosquare allows you to schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Because of its Approval feature, this also improves your team's workflow. Higher-ups can now approve or reject social media posts submitted by your team. If necessary, you can also leave comments.

You'll also find a bulk media uploader tool to keep all of your media files in one place. Files can be categorized to make them easier to find when you need them. You can use Dropbox or OneDrive to upload images. When you use images, they are labeled as such so that no one on your team makes the mistake of reusing them.

There are also Instagram-specific features such as Feed Preview. This allows you to preview how your feed will look before you publish your posts. It also ensures that all of your posts adhere to your branding. If you don't like the look, simply rearrange the posts by dragging and dropping them where you think they'll fit better.

Even your first comment can be pre-scheduled.

Hashtag suggestions, saved captions, and location tagging are also notable features.

Analytics by Iconosquare
Of course, you'll need a way to track your social media performance in order to determine whether or not your target audience likes your Instagram posts.

Iconosquare provides tools for measuring audience engagement not only on Instagram, but also on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn.


You will be provided with metrics such as impressions, reach, average reach per post, and average reach rate by post. All of this information can help you optimize your Instagram marketing. This is also true for your Facebook analytics and other social media accounts.

And those who use Instagram Stories will be pleased to know that there is a dedicated tool for measuring reach and impressions.

The Engagement metric is unique in that it specifies the best time to post, which is a rare feature for social media schedulers. In a later section, we'll go over this in greater detail.

There's also a Community Analytics feature that shows you who your followers are, what languages they speak, and demographic information like age and gender.

Iconosquare tracking
If you want engaged followers, then you’ll have to commit to communicating with your audience. And one of the reasons Iconosquare is such a useful tool is that it allows you to interact with Instagram users in real time.

Monitoring also allows you to keep track of your brand's tags and mentions on Instagram.


If you want to outperform your competitors, use the same feature to see what kind of content they typically post. Not only will you be able to see their metrics, but you will also be able to compare them to your own Instagram account or other social profiles.


Here's what you can expect if you create an Iconosquare account.

When you log in, you'll be taken to the My Dashboard page. You'll see a list of available dashboards that you've created, as well as the option to create a new one, in this section. You can also choose which social profile to view using a drop-down menu.


This enables you to create a custom dashboard that displays all of the critical metrics you need to know at a glance. Average likes, reach, impressions, follower growth, and top countries are all included. There's plenty more as well.

The other advanced features are located in the sidebar.

The Analytics section
The Analytics section is divided into subcategories to make it easier for you to access the information you need.

Overview gives you a general sense of how your social media account performed during the time period you specify.


On Instagram, you will also see your most recent posts and stories. Instead, for Twitter, you'll see a list of your most recent tweets. It's a list of your most recent posts on Facebook. Regardless of the social platform, metrics will be available to assist you in determining the effectiveness of a post.

This is where things start to get interesting. This social media management tool not only allows you to see how people interact with your posts, but it also provides data on the best time to post your content.


This is extremely useful because it allows you to schedule posts for the times when they are most likely to have the greatest impact.

You've probably heard about studies on the best time to post on social media. However, all of that data is meaningless because it does not usually apply to your target audience. Iconosquare will assist you in obtaining meaningful data that will inform you of the best time to post. There will be no guesswork here.


The reports are highly visual, making them easy to understand even if you have no prior experience with social media management software.


The Community section provides you with additional information about your target audience, such as their age, gender, languages spoken, country of origin, and so on.


Reach provides you with additional data to help you determine how many people can see your posts, as well as information on when your followers are most active.


You'll also be able to observe which of your specific posts has the most views.

Profile Activity displays information such as profile visits, website clicks, and other statistics. The Stories area contains information on the Instagram Stories you've posted on your account.


All report can be downloaded manually


The tab Content
All of your most recent media posts and stories can be found under the Content tab. You can also make an album and manually or automatically add posts to it. It's essentially a content management hub.


It's a simple way to keep track of your most influential posts for future use.

The Publishing menu item
There are a few subcategories under the Publishing tab as well. When you want to create engaging posts for your social profiles, this is where you should go.

You are redirected to your content calendar by the Scheduler. It's where you write posts, schedule them, and preview them before they go live.


By dragging the images around, unpublished posts can be reordered. You can schedule posts faster by specifying your preferred time slots.


If you're working with a group or a client, go to Collaborations to change your sharing settings and view notifications.

You can drag files into the Media Library and save them for later use. You can add files from your computer or from Dropbox or OneDrive.

You can add new captions and hashtags to the Saved Captions and Hashtags section for future use.

Talking to your followers can help you increase your engagement rates. Fortunately, this social media marketing tool includes a Conversations feature that makes it easier to respond to comments and see all of your mentions.


It's one of the most effective methods for staying on top of your digital marketing efforts. Unfortunately, at the moment, comment management is only available for Instagram accounts.

Mentions, Industry Benchmark, Competitors, Hashtags, Feeds, and Advanced Media Search are all subcategories of listening.


These subcategories not only help you understand your social profile better, but they also give you an idea of the industry you're in and the competitors you're up against.


It can even show you the statistics for the hashtags you're using in your social media marketing campaign.

There's a wealth of information here that you can use to gain a competitive advantage over other social profiles you're currently competing with.


Iconosquare has three plans that you could choose from. So, whether you're just starting out or a growing business, there's a price point that's just right for you.


The Pro plan costs $59 per month or $49 if paid annually. You have the option of entering up to three social profiles. If you require additional profiles, you can purchase them for $15 per month per profile. You'll also have two teammates. Additional members can be added at a fee of $15 each.

Some of the more complex capabilities, such as promoted posts analytics and post approval, are not available, but it's more than enough to get you started.

It's worth noting that the Pro package excludes PDF reports from your options. Only XLS reports are available for download. There's also no opportunity for a custom dashboard at this level.

The Advanced plan costs $99 per month or $79 if paid annually. You can now have up to five social profiles. Additional profiles are only $12 per month if you're a subscriber to this plan. This is better suited for an in-house social media marketing team because you receive unlimited team members.

This tier grants access to the majority of Iconosquare's services. The company-branded PDF reports and the customer success program are the only functions that remain closed.

The Enterprise plan is the most expensive, costing $179 per month or $139 per month if paid annually. This brings the total number of social profiles to ten. Each additional social profile will be $10 per month.

Each profile can have up to ten rivals and hashtags. You also have access to all of the features, including white-label reporting. You can also have an unlimited number of members.

This strategy is great for marketing firms.

A 14-day free trial is available from Iconosquare. We strongly suggest you to use the free trial option if you truly want to know if this is the correct solution to help you increase engagement rates, plan articles, and manage your content.


Iconosquare has a lot of positive features, however it also has drawbacks like every other program. Here's a rundown of Iconosquare's advantages and disadvantages.


  • Simple and easy to use – It's an excellent tool for beginners because it's not overly difficult. The user interface is simple and straightforward, and the majority of the functionality are self-explanatory.
  • Excellent data – Iconosquare's analytics data is so comprehensive that you won't have any trouble devising an effective online marketing strategy.
  • Optimal times to post — With Iconosquare, you can determine the best times to publish on your social networks without relying on studies based on data that isn't relevant to your audience.
  • Social scheduling that works — Their planner is built with visual material in mind. It's ideal for Instagram scheduling, particularly with hashtag and caption lists.
  • Mobile app — The included mobile app works well and provides a lot of functionality from your phone.
  • TikTok analytics — One of the first systems to integrate TikTok analytics was Iconosquare.


  • Limitations of the social inbox feature — Currently, the social inbox feature only supports Instagram.
  • No PDF reporting – PDF reporting is not available in the Pro plan. Only XLS reports are available for download, which is unsatisfactory to say the least.


Is Iconosquare a good fit for you? That is dependent on your requirements.

It's one of the best solutions out there whether you're seeking for an industry-leading social media analytics tool or a platform to thoroughly control your Instagram activities.

I enjoy how you're urged to download the app regardless of what kind of Instagram content you want to schedule. Furthermore, the app's functionality is amazing. Allowing you to manage a variety of tasks while on the go.

Images and videos can be scheduled directly on Instagram. The mobile app will send you a reminder at the appropriate time for Carousel and Story posts, making the process as simple as possible.

When it comes to social scheduling, the key distinction between Iconosquare and other platforms is that it was built with Instagram and visual content sharing in mind first and foremost.

As a result, you'll have access to useful features like hashtag and caption lists.

The fee per social network is the only drawback I've discovered. It is on the pricey side, but the outstanding user interface and targeted features more than compensate. And if you only have a few social networks to handle, this shouldn't be an issue.

The good news is that you may try Iconosquare free for 14 days to determine if it will do what you require. As a result, I strongly advise you to try it out because your opinion is the most important.


What is the price of Iconosquare?
If paid annually, Iconosquare's rates start at $49 per month. The most expensive plan is $139 per month (also billed annually). You'll have to pay more if you have more team members or social accounts than your plan allows.

Is Iconosquare a free service?
It is not a free program. If you just want to test it out for yourself, there is a 14-day free trial available.

Is it true that Iconosquare is solely for Instagram?
No. While the majority of its capabilities are tailored to Instagram, you can also use it to track analytics and plan posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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