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Moosend Review

When it comes to naming its email marketing software, I'm guessing Moosend took a page from Mailchimp's book.

Moosend has witnessed a substantial increase in popularity in the United States since September 2021, though not nearly on the same scale as Mailchimp. This is most likely due to its acquisition by Sitecore, an American software business, in May of the same year.

It'll be interesting to see where this Greek firm goes from here, with the potential to become a big competitor in the email marketing field!

But what about the finished item? What is its performance like, and how well will it fulfill your marketing needs? As I take a deep dive into the email marketing software, this full Moosend review will answer all of these issues and more.


Moosend is on the lower end of the price range. Prices begin at $10 per month, with a generous freemium and pay-as-you-go plan also available. A drag-and-drop email builder, landing page builder, marketing automation, and extensive reporting are among the features. It's an excellent solution if you need automation workflows at a minimal or no cost.

Let's talk about marketing automation for a minute. This is frequently regarded as a premium function, reserved for higher-tier plans. What I appreciate best about Moosend is that it is available to all clients, including those on the free plan. Furthermore, it includes a number of sophisticated automation templates, so the majority of the work is already done for you.

Another important feature is reporting, which is available across all plans. Is this, however, enough to persuade you? Continue reading to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Moosend as your email service provider.




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In terms of marketing channels


branding and design


Easily design and create marketing campaigns like a pro with our powerful features.

  • Email Marketing: Create highly engaging, responsive newsletters and deliver your message the right way.
  • Marketing Automations: Offer unique customer journeys with timely, relevant emails that take things off your plate.
  • Tracking: Stop guessing and start connecting with unlimited tracking that reveals your visitor’s every move.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Get more opens and better results by gaining complete control of your campaigns.
  • Integrations: Add power to your campaigns with by automating your processes with our vast list of integrations.
  • Personalization: Strengthen customer experience and build loyalty by giving the right content to the right audience every time.
  • Subscription Forms: Gather all the data you need by easily creating any type of online form with our drag & drop builder.
  • Campaign Editor: Create professional emails from scratch or customize our templates without any coding skills.
  • Landing Pages: Build responsive pages from scratch or tweak our templates with the most smooth, intuitive editor for beginners and pros.
  • Segmentation: Make your emails deliver more value by splitting your mailing lists into perfect groups.
  • GDPR Compliance: Play safe with GDPR-compliant campaigns and delve deeper into the needs of your customers.
  • Ecommerce AI: Make the power of data your competitive advantage to generate new leads and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Is Moosend the best email marketing service for you?

Yes, moosend is a great email marketing service:

The free plan is one of the best around, with unlimited emails, premium features, and branding-free emails. Even when you start paying, you'll be astonished by how affordable it is.

A pay-as-you-go plan is required:

The pay-as-you-go option from Moosend is the most cost-effective we've found so far. You may acquire 5,000 emails for for $5.

You require top-notch marketing automation templates:

The 18 templates provided are extensive and varied, allowing you to quickly set up a variety of time-saving routines.

You will require detailed reports:

Moosend's reports provide a wealth of information, including click maps, geolocation, income earned by campaigns, and email clients, among other things.



  • Generous free plan - use the free plan to access all of the platform's basic features, including the ability to send unlimited emails to up to 1000 contacts.
  • Scalable pro plans - if the free plan does not provide you with enough features or contacts, you can upgrade to the pro plan for $8 per month.
  • There are over 100 connectors available - connect the platform's email marketing software to other platforms like Salesforce, Zapier, Magento, and many more.
  • The platform has a powerful analytics tool that allows you to measure over 6 variables such as email open rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, and more.


  • Some email templates are obsolete — the platform's library contains just about 70 email templates, some of which are outdated and poorly designed.
  • The free plan offers fewer features than the Pro plan, including only one user (vs. five for Pro) and no landing pages or transactional emails.


Moosend offers a lot to offer small enterprises and entrepreneurs, despite the challenges with user experience and templates. I wouldn't miss Moosend when choosing an email marketing service for your business because of its affordability and advanced capabilities.

The fact that all subscriptions provide unlimited emails is a huge advantage, and even on the free plan, you won't have to deal with any obnoxious branding on your emails.

So, what do you have to lose?

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