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Sendible Review – Is This the Only Social Media Management Tool You’ll Ever Need?

Are you looking for a robust social media management platform that will save you time?

While there are numerous social media tools available, you can never be certain which one is best for you.

Sendible is a well-known piece of software in this field.

In this review, we'll look at the various features that Sendible has to offer and see if this social media marketing platform is right for you.


Sendible's tagline suggests that it is intended to elevate your brand. Its goal is to assist solopreneurs and teams in developing and implementing a social media strategy to help grow their business and clients.


Here's a quick rundown of some of Sendible's key features:

  • Social media publishing and scheduling – save hours each week on content creation.
  • Inboxes and streams on social media – respond to all of your comments and messages from a single interface.
  • Monitoring social media enables you to easily locate brand mentions.
  • Content curation entails locating content to share with your target audience.
  • Reporting for your social accounts – great for showcasing your amazing work.
  • CRM and task management – an approval workflow is built right into the platform to keep your team on the same page.

Let's take a closer look at how Sendible can help your brand on social media.


You must connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts after signing up for a 14-day free trial.


After you've linked your accounts, you'll be able to use its features to boost your social media strategy.

Posts should be scheduled.
Click the Compose button in the top right corner of the screen from the dashboard.

Fill in the text box with your message and select which social media profiles you wish to share it on.


You can then decide whether to publish it now or schedule it at a later date.


You can also republish the content at different dates and times to spread your social media message further.

If you're working with a group, you can have one of them create the posts and then click "Send for Approval" on each one. If the messages meet your criteria, you or someone else can review and approve them.

You can see all of your scheduled posts in calendar view once you've scheduled them.


This allows you to see which dates in your calendar do not yet have content scheduled for them. Click on the dates to write posts for them.

Manage content ideas and feeds.
You'll probably run out of messages to include when filling up your social media content plan.

Instead of releasing nothing that day, look for other people's stuff to promote on social media.

You may locate comparable posts to promote on social media without leaving Sendible by using the content suggestions feature.


Select the themes linked to the posts you share on social media under Content > Suggestions.

Suggestions-for-content-to-share (1)

If none of the topics are relevant to you, you can type them into the search bar.

After you've selected a topic, you'll see a list of related articles organized by the number of social shares.


You can sort the articles by date or by the most popular articles of the day, week, or month. You'll be able to see the most relevant articles to share on your social media accounts this way.

To share the post, add it to your queue, or save it for later use, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of each article.

Aside from the articles, you can also see the top influencers in the topic, who you can follow and interact with.


This is a useful feature to have, particularly if you want to reach out to social media influencers in order to broaden your network and reach.

If you want to auto-publish content from an RSS feed, Sendible now supports that as well.

To view the posts from the feeds you entered in the tool, navigate to Content > Feeds.


The most recent Sendible blog posts will be displayed by default. You can delete it by clicking the trash icon on the right side of the screen, just next to the feed name.

Enter the RSS feeds for the websites or blogs you want to schedule or publish on social media.

Click the New Feed button to see the feeds you'll be entering: blogs, Google Alerts, or imported feeds.

If you click on Publications and Blogs, you can select from the topics listed below or enter your own to find related blogs from which to extract the most recent posts.


When you select a topic, it will display the most relevant blogs for you to add to your feed.


To add your blog feed, return to the blog topic search and paste the URL of its feed into the search bar.


You can add as many feeds as you want. When you're finished, you'll see the most recent posts from each feed.

From here, you can manually select which posts to schedule for social media publishing.

If you want to save time, you can now automatically publish posts from feeds, particularly if they are your blog posts.

Return to the Content Feed page and, on the right side, click on New Auto Post.

Next, select the feed that you want to auto-publish and modify its settings.


By doing so, you'll be able to promote your most recent blog pieces on social media on autopilot.

You won't have to log in and schedule the posts since Sendible will do all of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Organize your social media inbox.
If you receive messages from all of your social media accounts, you'll find yourself logging in and out of each to examine and respond to them.

You can't efficiently manage the posts because of this inconvenient process. Sendible's Priority Inbox, thankfully, allows you to see direct messages and mentions from all of your social media platforms in one location.


You can interact with the messages and mentions you get without having to register in to those sites.

Prioritize getting more work done by responding to the most critical emails in minutes before moving on to the next item on your to-do list.

You may also view the streams from all of your social media accounts from Sendible's Inbox area.


You can respond to comments on your posts and interact with your fans and followers without leaving Sendible!

Keyword research and monitoring
Social media has millions of daily active users who discuss anything and everything.

Some of their posts and user conversations may be relevant to your business. Perhaps your customers are complaining about a bad experience with your brand. Of course, you want to participate in the conversation in order to manage your reputation.

Simultaneously, you may have a post that you want to promote and wish to capitalize on posts and tweets that ask about the topic of your post. You can reply to the post with a link to your article from here.

These are just a few examples of how you can use social media posts to reach out to your customers and audience.

To accomplish this, you can use Sendible to notify you when messages related to the topics you're interested in are mentioned.

To monitor a new keyword or term, select Monitor > Keywords from the menu.

It will then open a window for you to fill out in order to specify which words and phrases you want Sendible to track for you.


You can configure the tool to send you an email every time a new alert with your keyword appears.

Once you've finished configuring the tool, it will collect posts from your social media accounts. You will have to wait until it has extracted all of the most relevant posts.

Go to Monitor > Search to see what the most recent trending hashtags on social media are.


You can even type in a keyword to see the most recent posts about it.

This is a great way to learn about the different types of posts about the topic that are being shared on Twitter.

Evaluate your performance.
Sendible's Reports Hub gives you the best of both worlds, whether you want to analyze the results of your most recent campaign or send a report to your clients.

Choose the type of report you want the tool to generate from the page.


You must link the social media account to Sendible in order for the tool to generate a report for it.


When the report is generated, it contains metrics and information to assist you in assessing the health of your profiles. As previously stated, you can see how your current campaign has affected your social media progress here.


Then, either email the report to your clients or save it as a PDF file for future reference.


Sendible, as previously stated, offers a 14-day free trial on all of its plans. Use this time to experiment with its features and see if the social media management tool can meet your needs.


The costs and limits for the four plans are listed below:

  • Starter ($29 per month) – This plan is ideal for bloggers and content creators who want to advertise their work on social media. Up to eight social media profiles can be linked, and up to eight rapid social media reports can be generated.
  • Traction ($99 per month) — This package allows small firms and companies to work efficiently on social media. Three team members can be invited, up to 48 accounts can be connected, and 15 rapid custom reports can be generated.
  • Growth ($199/month) – For developing agencies with several clients who rely heavily on social media for growth. Seven team members can be invited, up to 105 accounts can be connected, and 35 fast reports can be generated.
  • Large ($299/month) — This plan is for agencies who manage hundreds of social media networks on a regular basis. 12 individuals can be invited, 192 accounts can be connected, and 60 fast reports can be generated.

If you decide to pay for this social media management software annually, you may save 15% on all plans.


From the features listed in this Sendible review, it appears to have everything you're looking for in a social media platform.

However, the more crucial consideration is whether or not the instrument is appropriate for you.

Here's a quick rundown of the platform's benefits and drawbacks to help you decide.


  • A simple social media management application for scheduling posts, responding to messages, and providing reports for several social networking networks.
  • Fill your content calendar with content sourced directly from the tool from the best blogs in your industry.
  • In a single dashboard, respond to DMs, mentions, and other messages from across your social media networks.
  • Track the posts of current subjects and monitor the online mood about your brand on social media.
  • Create reports in a few clicks to deliver to clients or use the social media analytics function to track the growth of your performance.


  • Using the social listening feature to acquire brand mentions takes a long time.
  • When you study a keyword or hashtag, only Twitter posts on search mentions are displayed.


Sendible is one of the best social media management tools on the market, and it is surprisingly inexpensive when compared to others.

The social media scheduling features of the tool should appeal to social media content creators. In just a few hours, they can fill their calendar with content for the next few months.

Sendible can also help social media managers improve collaboration with team members in order to execute a winning social media strategy for multiple brands.

What distinguishes this platform is its ability to perform almost any social media marketing task you can think of.

That concludes our Sendible review. The next step is to begin your free trial and determine whether this tool is appropriate for your needs. To start your free trial, simply click the button below.

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