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Shorby Review – Get More Instagram Bio Link Clicks

When you use Instagram, you can build an audience and get to know them by posting beautiful pictures and interesting videos.

However, if there's one thing that Instagram needs to work on, it's the bios.

As it stands, you can only add one link to your Instagram bio now, but that could change.

If you want to put more than one link here, you'll have to think outside the box. There's nothing wrong with that.

There are Instagram bio link tools that can help you get the job done.

Then, in this Shorby review, you'll find out more about one of the best on the market, as well.



Shorby is popular because it lets you make a "Smart Page" or "micro-landing page" that you can put in your Instagram bio. You can use this page as your Instagram bio link.

Then, instead of just linking to your home page or your landing, you can make a page with links to all the other pages you want to get people to see and visit.

Copy and paste a link to the Smart Page into your Instagram bio after the page has been made. People will see all the links you want them to see when they click on it.


You can use Shorby to make Smart Pages on other social media platforms as well, even though most people think of it as an Instagram bio link app. These links will make it easier for you to share them with people on your social media profiles, and you can make unique links for each one of them.

As a result of this feature, it can also be used as a way to get leads for social media. If you want people to be able to get in touch with you, you can make a short link that will call a specific phone number or open up a messaging app (like Facebook Messenger) so they can.


Short Links and Messenger Links can also be made with Shorby.

The first lets you shorten URLs and put tracking pixels in them. The second lets you do both. You can use this if you want to show ads to people who have already visited your site.

The latter lets you make a link that people can use to get in touch with you through your favorite Messenger app or other way of getting in touch with you.

This time, we'll talk about how to best use each of Shorby's tools.

Messenger Link Creation

Click Create and choose Messenger link.


There is a default app called Whatsapp that asks you to enter your phone number, as well as your country code.

When you want people to reach out to you, you can change the person who is going to do it for you. Other options are shown below, too:

In this order, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, email, and phone call.

As soon as you fill in all of your information, you can choose to add a tracking pixel so you can show ads to people who clicked on the link.

Now Lets Talk About Smart Page Creation

Shorby's Smart Page builder is one of the best Instagram bio link tools out there. This is where things start to get fun.

When you click on the plus icon, choose "Smart Page." There, you can start from scratch and make the page the way you want.


People will see Messengers first, so start by adding the links you want them to see.

A box will pop up that shows all the different messenger apps and other ways to get in touch with people. Click on "Add Messenger."

05-Create-messenger-link (1)

If you added links, the Smart Page will show the icon that people can click on.


The landing pages are made to look good on a smartphone, which is why the content on the page is so small. There are a lot of people who use social media, and it's a good idea to put the link to the page in your bio.

Next, you want to make your Smart Page look more interesting by adding Blocks to it.

To add blocks, click on "Add Blocks." It will show you a drop-down menu of things you can put on your page.


The Card or Button lets you show off a link to your page.


You can change the look of the link so that it shows an image and a price.

Another option is to make the blocks "pop" out, which means they'll move, or set a time for them to show up on the page. You can also hide them if you don't want to show the block right now.

If you like the block, click the check icon on the top right. To get rid of it, click the trash icon.

Here are the four layouts that have already been done. You can choose the one that is best for your block from them.


Text can be written in the Subtitle and Text block. Enter the text that you want to show up on the screen.


In the text, you can use emojis. But because there isn't an option to change the text in HTML, all you can do is write in plain text.

When this block was published, this is how this one would look like:


It's a good place to tell people who you are and what links you put on the page.

The Dynamic Feed block lets you put your RSS feed here.


Here, you can add other feeds, like from your YouTube channel and Shopify store. You can also add feeds from your Apple podcast.

You can choose how Shorby shows these items on the page (mixed, thumbnails, cards, tiles), and how many of them you want to show (1-5).

If we used a blog's feed, this is what the block would look like with thumbnails and five items:


If you want to link to your blog, podcast, or video channel from the feed block, you might want to do that instead. This way, people can see what you have and just click on the things they want to read.

Finally, you can add the Countdown Timer to your page to finish off the blocks you can put there. It lets you build excitement for your scheduled links.


Use this tool to set a time when the link will be available for a certain amount of time.

It will show the countdown timer if there's still time before the link goes live. This will let people know when the link will be available.

A link can't be clicked if it's not used in the time frame that was set.

You can also put an image, title, and text on the block to help people understand what the next link is about. There are a lot of things that should help build up the suspense to what you're going to show your audience next.

This is what the block would look like when it was published:


As a last step, we add Social Links to the Smart Pages.

Click "Add Social Links" to open a box that shows you which social media sites you can add to the page.


Each social media site tells you what to put in (username, page ID, URL) in order to put the link on the page, so that it works.

It looks like this:


Then, after you're satisfied with all the blocks on the page, you can change its theme color, change the bio link alias, and change the tracking pixel to your liking.

Also, you can add the picture that will be on top of the page with its title.

Taking a look at the links you have
If you want, you can check how well your links are working from the dashboard. In this box, it shows how many people have clicked on your link.


If you just made a link, it won't show you any data for at least 24 hours. There is a chart that shows how many people clicked on the links over time. After that, you can look at it.

Each link you add to a Smart Page will show you how many people have clicked on it.


Simple charts like this one help you figure out how your links did over time. In any case, it's still useful because you can check how they're doing and what you can do to make them better.


There is no charge for the next five days for people to sign up to have a Shorby account. Finally, you must choose one of their paid plans.


In the table below, you can see how each plan costs.

This package includes the fundamental tools you'll need to establish an effective Instagram bio link, among other things, for $15/month ($12/month if paid annually).

  • Up to 5 Smart Pages are possible.
  • Create an unlimited number of direct messenger buttons.
  • Shows the number of times the produced links have been clicked over time.
  • Gives you the opportunity to join its Rewards Program and win $300 for each customer you bring in.

This plan ($29/month or $24/month if paid annually) has all of the features of the Rocket plan plus the following:

  • Smart Pages (up to 50)
  • Each feed can have up to 5 dynamic pages.
  • There are up to seven different ad platforms to choose from.
  • Add Google Analytics pixels to all of your links to collect even more data
  • For shorter URLs, use a custom domain (rather than the default


The best and most comprehensive package ($99 per month or $82 per month if paid annually) is ideal for web businesses with several links and social media accounts.

On top of what the Pro plan gives, it can also accomplish the following:

  • There are up to 250 micro-landing pages available.
  • Organize three or more projects and invite a maximum of ten people to your account.
  • Each landing page can have up to 500 rich links.
  • Up to 1 million monitored links can be saved.


Without examining its pros and weaknesses, this Shorby review would be incomplete.

Because, as useful as this Instagram bio link tool is, it still has room for improvement.

Based on my experience with Shorby, here are the benefits and drawbacks:


  • A simple and intuitive builder to assist you in creating mobile-friendly micro-landing pages.
  • Not only for Instagram, but for your social media biographies as well. This way, you can only have one link in your bio and avoid confusing folks with many connections.
  • From your Smart Pages, drive traffic to various links. Use other elements (such as a countdown timer or text) to persuade visitors to click on them.
  • Both Smart Pages and Messenger Links have useful metrics.
  • Create "Messenger Links" that instantly activate Messenger, WhatsApp, or phone calls. It's ideal for generating leads.
  • Shortlinks can be created with custom domains and QR codes.



  • There are no templates to assist users in creating their pages more quickly.
  • There is no information on the conversion rate for the links in the analytics data, which is just restricted to clicks.


Shorby will assist you in getting a link in your Instagram bio and then some!

Its micro-landing pages, in particular, assist users in getting the most out of the link they can post on Instagram.

To increase conversions, provide links to your other landing pages, products and services you're selling, and affiliate links.

The thing about Shorby, though, is that it's not just for Instagram.

You don't have to clutter your bios with several links because you may use the bio links on other social media sites.

You can also create leads from social media using the messenger links.

In conclusion, Shorby is an indispensable marketing tool for directing social media traffic to your landing sites.

You Can Watch A Video About Shorby Below;

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