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Thrive Automator Review – Is This The Best Fit For Your Business?

Are you looking for a wordpress plugin that will help trigger actions on your website when a visitors visits? Then you are in the right place, presently we will be discussing on thrive automator in this article, but before we continue let's answer a common question being asked of me by users.

What Is Thrive Automator?

First, we should know that thrive automator is a wordpress plugin and also part of the thrive theme suite, so if we are to simply answer this question we will say that Thrive Automator is a component of the Thrive Suite that allows you to automate several functions in WordPress and many plugins. As a result, actions are triggered in response to streams of visitors. As a website owner, you decide what should happen.

And guess what presently thrive automator is free, so you can begin automating your business starting today for free, I will give update to this article when if it becomes a paid plan.

Who Specifically Is Thrive Automator For?

Actually most website or business owners uses Thrive Automator but I will also be giving a unique list of people who are to use Thrive Automator.

WordPress Site Owners:

As I have said earlier if you run an online business or website and get upset trying to get your tools to communicate with one another? Then Thrive Automator is now a simple and free way to boost the performance of your website.

Web App Developers:

Have you created an online tool, service, plugin, or any other type of web application? You can now replace a plethora of third-party integrations with just one – Thrive Automator.

Custom Web Developers:

Do you provide customized WordPress solutions for your clients? Learn how Thrive Automator eliminates all of those odd connectors with a single, developer-friendly platform.

If Already You Have Thrive Suite:

If you currently use Thrive Suite, you'll love how Thrive Automator allows you to create some very outstanding automations in your organization.


I will giving you list of what you can use thrive automator to do below:


Set Up a New WordPress User Account When a Webhook Request is Received:

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could establish a new WordPress account for each new customer or client automatically and reliably?

This could be triggered by a new purchase using your checkout tool or a new consultation through your booking application.

Any online application that supports webhooks can communicate directly with Thrive Automator and pass along client information to provide your customers with a professional, seamless experience.


Ability To Tag Your Email Subscribers When They Comment on Your Blog, Just Perfect for Targeting Your Most Engaged Subscribers!

Consider how useful it would be to know which of your email subscribers is most engaged with your blog content. These are your most ardent readers — your brand evangelists.

Thrive Automator allows you to tag each blog commenter and associate them with their profile in your email marketing account (if they're subscribed, of course). This means you may send your most engaged readers a special offer, an exclusive course or workshop, or even request a fantastic testimonial for your website!

Taking it a step further, you can even have Thrive Automator automatically launch a pre-written email campaign or autoresponder if they are tagged.


Enroll an Examiner in an Online Course When they obtain a specific quiz score:

Wouldn't it be great if your Thrive Quiz Builder quizzes could do more than just produce new leads? What if a quiz could take particular actions based on the answers your visitors provide?

More post-quiz activities are now possible thanks to Thrive Automator.

For example, you may now enroll quiz takers in one of your online courses if they obtain a given score or result! Your online quizzes are about to get far more interactive.


Provide New Client Services Thrive Automator's Strong Webhook Triggers and Actions

Because Thrive Automator supports both incoming and outgoing webhooks, the data you can transfer between completely distinct websites and services is truly limitless. That implies there are no restrictions on the types of custom development services you can provide to your clients.

Whether your customer uses Teachable, Thinkific, Calendly, Amelia, Stripe, PayPal, Gravity Forms, Zapier, or anything else that supports webhooks, Thrive Automator will put you in a position to provide dependable solutions.

Let's talk about how thrive automator works;

How Thrive Automator Works?

Thrive Automator is kinda little different from other similar plugins to it, in that it's user interface is easy to go through, let's just take a stroll round the interface or dashboard of Thrive Automator.

To start building new automations, first access the Thrive Automator dashboard (in the backend of your WordPress site) and click the "+ Add New" button:

As we all know for you start an automation there must be a trigger.

To begin your automations, choose from the growing array of "Triggers." This includes whenever a visitor leaves a remark, logs in, opens a new account, receives an inbound webhook, or meets a specific time or date.

If you also use the other conversion-focused tools in Thrive Suite, you'll be able to have access to a plethora of other triggers to help you automate your expanding business. You Can See The List Of Trigger In The Image Below:

Note that you will only see trigger available to you based on the plugins you have on your site, This means majorly that if you don't have Thrive Quiz you will be able to see some triggers.

Examples of some plugins that thrive automator works with, are in the image below; they are also actually tons of other plugins like woocomerce scroll down to see more, though not all listed.

Thrive Automator Integrations

Though Thrive automator are still adding some new ways to connect with more tools that can easily and quickly grow by automating your business. I will be listing ae a few of the most popular integrations that you can begin utilizing right away.

  • Woocomerce
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • Drip
  • Keap(Infusion soft)
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Convertkit
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Madmimi
  • MailerLite
  • Klip etc. and some other tons of integration you can integrate with Thrive Automator.


Thrive automator have it pros and cons, as I usually say for every advanatages there is always a disadvantage. let's take a look at them;


  • It has a very easy interface
  • It is free to use unlike it competitors
  • A very good customer support.


  • It is restricted to only wordpress(i.e It is a plugin)
  • From our research, it still have trying to integrate with some other companies

Final Verdict On Thrive Automator

If you choose to utilize the Thrive Automator plugin on your website, you will have a strong tool that will not only make your website more dynamic, but will also boost the appeal of your own offer.
As a result, most inventive organizations and startups should deal with the whole Thrive suite and directly supplement these appealing solutions with the current addition. This can not just improve a company's response times, but also its consumer reputation.

Note: If you are not a Thrive Suite user, and you don't want to be, it is also worth trying Thrive Automator if you use WooCommerce, as this is another plugin with which it works very well. Furthermore, keep in mind that new integrations might surface overnight, so even if you don't use it right now, I recommend that you install it and keep an eye on it since one of your favorite plugins may link with it at some point, allowing you to automate a key portion of your online business.

You Can Watch A Video About Thrive Automator Below

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