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Ubico Review – Is This The Best Email Marketing Service?

Are you looking for the best email automation software that will be good for your business? Then try reading this article in the end because you will get more information about ubico and how it can help grow your business, though there are numerous sorts of software available. It can be difficult to determine which one is the greatest fit for you.

Many organizations tested a variety of software solutions before opting on Ubico Review. They've squandered many hours attempting to perfect their marketing initiatives with no success. This product's development team has designed a solution that will save you time and money while getting your marketing efforts off to a fast start.

Let's get started by answering one of the most common question.

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What Is Ubico?

Ubico is a small business-focused email automation solution. It provides crucial tools for businesses to stay in touch with their clients. Then let's dive more into the hidden function ubico does to help simplify your work as a business owner and why you should use it today, well the truth is that most of your marketing efforts are futile because you lack the time and expertise required to write successful emails. You simply aren't communicating properly with your target audience in order to turn them into consumers.

And that is one of the function of ubico, ubico will generate high-converting emails for you automatically based on what it has learned from reviewing hundreds of thousands of previous successful email campaigns.

Ubico delivers a no-code platform that increases lead conversion rates while increasing team productivity. Designed for growth teams that waste time sending tailored emails to new or existing consumers. A robust set of tools to assist you in launching new workflows for your inbound or outbound leads. Lead research, validation, outreach, segmentation, personalisation, and other repetitive lead management tasks can be automated. Ubico's AI system exists in your outreach, scheduling, and inbox, making your prospect communication more relevant.

Let's Then Go Ahead To Discuss The Features Of Ubico


Ubico have different features that even most email marketing software do not have and I am going to be discussing about them here.


After Gathering In-bound or Out-bound leads and then you are ready to send emails to the leads, you will be able to split test email A and B, and ubico does this features by showing you the Open rate, The Click Rate, And The Response Rate of the leads, so that you can know the best way to maximize your profit.

What Is Open Rate: This is simply the percentage of recipients who open an email.
What Is Response Rate: is determined by the number of responses received from each variant. We utilized the amount of responses to determine whether email was more effective in getting people to respond. The percentage of persons that click on a link in an email is known as the Click Rate.

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Seamless Integrations:

Ubico takes the place of all your disconnected tools. Users do not have to waste time utilizing different email prospecting programs that are incompatible with one another. It is a comprehensive email automation solution that may be used in place of scheduling, email sending, email finding, prospecting, and email validation tools.


You can set your email marketing campaigns in motion by using pre-built templates or creating personalized procedures. Workflows can be developed to outline how your company and its customers interact with one another.

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Customer Retargeting:

Explaining how you can use ubico to retarget your customers, actually when a site visitor leaves your page without making a purchase or signing up for your list, an email retargeting ad is delivered to them.

Customer remarketing at Ubico is based on the premise that not all website visits are created equal. Some people are more likely than others to buy or sign up. Ubico can target high-value website visitors with pinpoint accuracy via email and CRM remarketing by identifying them.

The medium you choose for retargeting will be determined by the goals of the campaign.

Ubico's retargeting experts can assist you in determining the best media for your campaign based on your objectives and the sort of customer you're attempting to reach.

For example, if you want to raise brand exposure, you may use a boosted post or a sponsored ad on social media.

If you want to increase conversions by reminding online visitors about your product, consider retargeting with an email campaign. The ideal strategy is usually the one that your customers find most natural.

So, whether they join up for your list, purchase a product, or simply leave the website, Ubico can help you target them with the proper message to entice them to return.

Email Validation:

Ubico also help check if the email you are sending to is a deliverable email and not a bounce email, It employs a quick procedure that detects typos, whether they are honest errors or deliberate misdirections. It also certifies the existence of a specific email account with a trusted domain, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Email Auto-Scheduling: 

Ubico also helps you auto schedule a any amount of emails you want send to your customers or lead and also does it at a specific time-zone, you particularly want or choose.

Let's further discuss the Pricing of Ubico


One amazing about ubico is that it has a free plan which you can try, generally Ubico offers four pricing plans, which are:

  • Free Plan ($0)
  • Professional Plan($64.99)/ Month
  • Growth Plan($249)/Month
  • Data Plus($1250)/Month

If you choose a annual plan you save 16% off your spending monthly, you can see the image below, to get some idea about this;

And for their Data Plus take a look at the image below;

You Can See The Difference Between The Pricing Plan (Free, Professional, Growth) Below, You Can Click The Image To Visit The Pricing Page Also.


Though ubico is an excellent tool for anticipating new customers, differentiating between purchasers and viewers, discovering unique trends and preferences, and tailoring various web campaigns. However, it can also improve lead generating efficiency and help you make better decisions that lead to more sales and money. Overall, Ubico is a useful tool for any company. But as I do say in some of my post, for every advantages there is always a disadvantages, and for ubico I will be discussing the pros and cons of ubico, let's start with the pros.


  • 95% of their users stated that using Ubico enhanced the open rates of their emails.
  • Users can save time and focus on other critical activities by automating their engagement and prospecting procedures.
  • High-quality lead generation software.
  • Users get all of the tools they need to find contact information for their prospects.
  • Setting up meetings and exchanging emails on a regular basis is simple.
  • Ubico is inexpensive and simple to use, making it an excellent alternative for organizations of all sizes.
  • Ubico can assist you in differentiating between purchasers and spectators by finding individuals who are more likely to purchase your product. Ubico accomplishes this by researching how visitors interact with your website.


  • It might be challenging to set up and maintain. Because there is a lot of customizing required, getting things up and running right can be difficult.
  • Due to Ubico being a new software, there are no much user review about it.

Let's discuss the common question most new and existing ubico users ask.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) Of Ubico - Our Ubico Review

  • Does Ubico As An API?

Yes, It Has

  • What Languages Does Ubico. Support?

Ubico Mainly Support Only English.

  • Does Ubico Offer Support?

Yes, They Offer 24/7 Online Support To It Users.

  • How does Ubico create one-of-a-kind emails for each customer?

Ubico automatically selects the best-fit pre-written response based on the meaning of each email you receive.

Ubico also recognizes the language of your email and selects the appropriate response in that language. This means you'll never have to worry about writing the perfect greeting or closing for a specific person, and your emails will always be written in the appropriate language.

Furthermore, Ubico's answers are customized to your individual email content. As a result, each email feels as if it was written specifically for you.

  • In which Form Do Ubico Provide Trainings:

Ubico provides training in the form of documentation, webinars etc.


To be Brutally Honest with you, I have not seen any email marketing automation software that is so specialized in email marketing automation that beats Ubico, Though we have other email marketing services like Mailchimp, GetResponse, ZohoCRM, HubSpot, But still can stand Ubico, If I see any I will come back to update this article.

You Can Watch A Video From One Of The Managers Of Ubico

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