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Voluum Review – Well Detailed Review Of Voluum

Are you an affiliate marketer? or you are in need of an affiliate tracking software (voluum), then I advice you to stick to this article to get more detailed info about voluum, before we get straight into this topic let's expantiate a little bit on what voluum is all about.


Voluum is a marketing analytics software for marketers, in-house media buyers, and agencies. You can track, manage, and optimize all sponsored and organic traffic sources from a single platform. Voluum, for example, offers AI-powered solutions for traffic auto-optimization and allows teams to cooperate on multiple access levels. Banking-grade infrastructure ensures that your data is secure and that campaigns run continuously.

So simply we can say voluum is an ad monitoring software or a cloud-hosted tracking software that allows internet marketers that run advertisements on the internet to manage their ads from a single dashboard, track which ads are performing well, and then tweak those ads for better results...


So let's discuss about the key features of voluum that makes it the best advertising affiliate tracking software, the features are listed below:


  • Direct Pixel Tracking
  • Custom Conversion Tracking
  • Impression Tracking
  • Organic Traffic Tracking

So let's explain this tracking feature

This  tracking features within voluum allows us to track a variety of things, including different types of conversions through whatever funnels you're sending people to.

It also allows you to track the impressions that your ad campaigns are receiving at the moment.

If you use free traffic sources, there is also a section of voluum's tracking tool dedicated to tracking all organic traffic that comes directly to anything you're promoting.

And the component that tracks organic traffic is genuinely unique among voluum's competitors, as most of them do not have it.

Voluum uses these two tracking method:

  • The Direct Tracking
  • The Redirect Tracking

The Direct Tracking Method is the most effective method, because there are no redirects in, and it is compatible with all traffic sources, regardless of the visitor's internet speed.

The Redirect Tracking Method is mostly typically used for complicated, integrated tracking systems(e.g Postbacks URL, etc). And can easily be tracked without the need of third-party cookies.


This landing page protection feature is totally in charge of assisting you in protecting your work as a marketer attempting to get the most money possible from your campaigns.

As we all know, there are many affiliates who would utilize ad spy tools to monitor what their competitors are doing, and most of the time, it will be difficult to prevent them from seeing your ad,

But with a tracker like voluum, you will be able to, stop them from viewing your landing page and what's on it since they'll steal it if they do.

Because everyone is running it, your campaign will get saturated, and you will most likely start losing money. This is one of the reason as to why you should start using voluum today.

SPLIT-TESTING: This is another feature that top marketers specifically use for their campaigns to know the advert and landing page that is working towards giving them the best result, though It can be difficult to determine which route is effective and produces the greatest results every time. With A/B split testing, you can quickly determine which offers and landing pages produce the best results.



This is another feature to make your life easier. Analyzing and optimizing are time-consuming tasks that must be done manually each time, hence an automated system is required.

Simply set your campaign on auto-pilot after defining your rules based on your Performance objectives, and then sit back and relax.

You can work on all of your campaigns in one spot using the automizer features, according to the rules you establish. Automizer additionally keeps you informed about the performance of your campaigns via alerts and notifications. You can also pause campaign and resume when you wish.


So let's discuss the Pros And Cons of Voluum.


As we all know if there is are advantages there will always be a disadvantages, so also for Voluum  software let's take a look at the pros and cons of voluum.


  • So far I have tried other affiliate tracking software, voluum has a very simple user-experience that you can easily understand
  • Well detailed tracking pixel
  • It can easily upgrade and downgrade your plans at any time and depending on how you actually want it.
  • As we have discussed in one of the features of voluum it has a split-testing feature that really help top marketers grow and scale their business

Let's discuss the cons of voluum


When particularly trying to first test it out I notice there was no free plan talkless of trial and so far with my experience with them I think that is the only problem I have faced so far with voluum



Voluum integrates with top advertising networks that are being listed below:

  1. Outbrain
  2. Yahoo
  3. Google
  4. Snapchat
  5. Taboola
  6. Facebook
  7. Google
  8. MGID
  9. Revcontent
  10. PropellerAds
  11. Zeropark
  12. Adsterra
  13. Bing... and more

That is not just all voluum also integrate with bunch of affiliate networks and I will list a pinch of affiliate networks that voluum currently integrates with, though voluum is still updating by increasing and expanding to more affiliate network and ad networks;

  1. ClickBank
  2. Maxbounty
  3. YTZ
  4. Click Dealer
  5. Mobidea
  6. Adcombo
  7. Lemonads
  8. Adult Force.... and so on

You can view the image below



As I have said earlier voluum do not have a free plan neither do they have a trial or demo, voluum have plans for Individual and for those who are agencies  or business owners, I will expantiate more, but before that you can check the image below;



Voluum's plans are adaptable in order to make it available to every user. It provides three service plans for which you can sign up immediately and a fourth plan for which you must fill out your details in order to contact them. When you subscribe to Voluum's yearly pricing plan, you will receive a subscription discount of more than 25%.

  • With the Discover Plan You Get 40 Active Campaigns, I Free Custom Domain and Free SSL Dedicated Domain
  • With The Profit You Get Everything In The Discover Plan plus 1 hour onboarding call with them and 3 custom domains and a dedicated domain, and 6 months of Data Retention
  • While with the scale plan you have addition 6 month data retention making it a 12 month data retention and chat support 24/7 with an hour onboarding call with 5 custom domain and a dedicated domain.



For business when a business owner subscribes for a annual plan they get 15% off the pricing and they have opportunities tocontact support at any time.

There is no product without a competitor and I am going to giving the competitors of voluum.


Now, voluum has four key competitors in the game, and luckily, I'm someone who has tried the four of these opponents, so I know for sure which ones are better. And they are listed below:

  • ClickMagick
  • RedTrack
  • Bemob
  • ClickMeter


Though I have so far tried the both and to be short, sincere and precise with you Voluum still wins the reason some people go ahead to choose clickmagick is simply because it is cheaper than voluum and from my experience of ClickMagick, though it is a comprehensive and effective application for tracking and optimizing clicks.

VOLUUM vs RedTrack

Also comparing RedTrack with Voluum, based on the features of voluum, voluum still wins, because it has more of a advanced pixel and postback tracking, that it does not basically really have.

VOLUUM vs Bemob

Voluum still wins, though I will write an article about Bemob, RedTrack, ClickMagick and ClickMeter, and you for yourself will see what I am personally talking about, so let's also discuss on voluum vs Clickmeter.

VOLUUM vs ClickMeter

Though voluum still wins even if ClickMeter has some more features than the other just compared due to it ability to construct tracking links, utilize them in adverts, and generate real-time results. Affiliate tracking, IP geo-targeting, URL shortener, branded link management, tracking pixel, and affiliate networks are among the key features.


Voluum is one of the greatest SaaS programs for tracking all affiliate marketing efforts in one place, in my opinion.

You can easily track, tweak, and automate the campaign to achieve the best potential outcomes.

Voluum will always be my first point of contact and priority opinion for anyone who is struggling or has suffered with tracking ad campaigns using self-hosted affiliate trackers.
So, with that stated, if you have any questions or think there's something I should have covered that I didn't, please leave them in the comments section below and we'll speak...

If you've made it this far, thank you... These posts take me a long time to put together...

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