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ZenBusiness Review – Is This The Best LLC Service For Your Business

In this review, we'll go right to the point and cover all you need to know:

  • True costs and prices for ZenBusiness
  • The amount of time it will take to organize an LLC or incorporate a company.
  • Zenbusiness's dependability, customer feedback, and support, among other things

We'll also go over the many other pertinent, formation-related services that ZenBusiness provides in detail.

The following is a quick rundown of our findings. Our more in-depth evaluation, which outlines our findings and also explains all you need to know about ZenBusiness, can be found further down.

Is ZenBusiness the Best Business Solution for You?

The ZenBusiness Starter plan gives entrepreneurs everything they need to start a business, including everything we think is important when organizing an LLC or corporation. ZenBusiness can incorporate your LLC or corporation, as well as supply you with an Operating Agreement and registered agent service, for only $39!

Higher tiers include useful compliance and internet services while staying cost-effective.

In comparison to its competitors, ZenBusiness offers quick turnaround times, outstanding customer service, and low rates.

We believe ZenBusiness is one of the finest options for most business owners wishing to form an LLC or corporation, and we rate them first in our comparison of LLC services.

Visit learn how we arrived at our ratings, go to or keep reading our review.

ZenBusiness: Our Quick Overview

Zenbusiness is an Austin, Texas-based venture-backed public-benefit organization. Ross Buhrdorf, the former Chief Technology Officer at HomeAway, founded the company in 2015.

The company's mission is to assist ordinary Americans in realizing their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. ZenBusiness provides low-cost LLC formation and incorporation, as well as a variety of other services required for a successful startup launch.

ZenBusiness announced in November 2021 that they had raised $200 million at a $1.7 billion valuation, making them one of Austin's newest unicorns. According to Reuters, billionaire investor Mark Cuban will become an advocate and spokesperson for the company.


According to ZenBusiness, their basic beliefs are:

  • Transparency: Conducting business with honesty and integrity, with no hidden fees.
  • Protection: Assisting you in maintaining a positive relationship with the government.
  • Returning the favor: The company will award over $100,000 in small business grants in 2020.

For people wishing to create a business, ZenBusiness provides a full collection of services. Among the services they provide are:

Services for forming a business entity are available in all 50 states. This includes checking the availability of your preferred business name and completing any necessary paperwork (such as publication requirements in New York).
Registered agent services: By law, all firms must have a registered agent. By acting as your registered agent, ZenBusiness can assist you in meeting this obligation.

Note: As an LLC formation provider, ZenBusiness can assist you in completing the formalities of forming a company in a timely and cost-effective manner. They are not, however, an accounting or law business, and they are unable to provide legal or tax advice or represent you in such situations.

ZenBusiness: Pricing

The Starter plan, the Pro plan, and the Premium plan are the three main formation plans offered by ZenBusiness. The essentials are included in all three:

Service for forming a company (preparation and filing of Articles of Organization)
Corporate Bylaws or Operating Agreement (for LLCs) (for corporations)
Services of a registered agent
On top of the basic LLC filing, the Pro and Premium plans contain a number of additional services.

Expedited filing, receiving an Employer Identification Number from the IRS, and their worry-free compliance service are all included in the Pro plan.

The Premium package offers a faster turnaround time as well as basic web services for your business.

All of ZenBusiness' programs offer registered agent services. If you currently have an LLC or company, you can buy them individually.


ZenBusiness Starter Plan: $39

The bare-bones beginning plan from ZenBusiness meets your fundamental formation requirements. If you simply want your LLC founded as cheaply as possible and can handle compliance on your own, we recommend this plan.

The following are the primary features of this strategy:

  • Filing articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State is a basic business filing service. Unlimited name searches for your selected business name are included. This bundle does not include expedited filing by default, but it can be added individually.
  • The single most significant document for your LLC is the Operating Agreement Template. It determines the nature, operation, and rules of your LLC and protects all of your personal assets from any claims.
  • All LLCs and companies are required by law to appoint a registered agent as soon as they are formed. The role of the registered agent is to receive vital legal documents on behalf of the company.

Through ZenBusiness' online dashboard, you may track the status of your purchase and receive electronic copies of your completed formation documents as soon as they become available.

A few minor services are included in the beginning package that you might find useful:

  • A free accounting consultation: ZenBusiness will examine your company's accounting needs quickly and offer next steps depending on your specific requirements.
  • Service for annual reports: ZenBusiness, like many other formation service providers, can assist you in meeting your state's annual reporting obligations by notifying you of the essential filing deadlines or filing the paperwork on your behalf.
  • $150 in Google Ads credits: Entrepreneurs that plan to use Google Ads will find this useful. A promotional code will be sent by ZenBusiness. Google will match your advertising spending up to a total of $150 if you apply it to an approved Ads account.

The Starter plan does not include any form of order expediting by default. Normal turnaround times can range from a few days to several weeks depending on the state where your LLC is formed.

You can learn more by visiting their website and selecting the state in which you intend to form your LLC.

ZenBusiness' Starter plan automatically renews at $119/year with their annual report filing service. If you do not want such services, make sure to cancel before your plan renews.

ZenBusiness Pro Plan: $149

The majority of new business owners should choose the Pro plan.

It's their most popular plan, and it adds several extra features to their Starter plan. Specifically, formation and compliance services were accelerated.

ZenBusiness Pro includes everything included in the standard plan, plus:

  • Expedited Filing Service: This allows you to skip the line and get your paperwork processed faster. The exact amount of time varies by state, but it is typically between four days at the low end and two weeks at the high end.
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN): The IRS's federal tax ID for your company. Consider it your company's social security number. Opening a business bank account, hiring employees, and filing tax returns all require it.
  • Worry-Free Compliance: ZenBusiness will handle all ongoing compliance filings with your state, ensuring that your company maintains its good standing. Up to two amendments per year are included in the service.

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