When you're not there, you need someone to keep an eye on your business in case something goes wrong. A solid security system allows you monitor your facilities and obtain rapid assistance when needed, from break-ins or trespassing to carbon monoxide levels, flooding, or fires. Vivint is the top corporate security system on the market, according to dozens of hours of study evaluating factors such as hardware requirements, pricing, and installation. It achieves the ideal blend of cost-effectiveness and professional-grade security systems to safeguard your company from the inside out.

The Best Business Security System- Our Pick

For the most part, Vivint is the best choice because it provides fully customizable security systems with professional installation at a fraction of the cost of other big-name security companies. It gives you complete control over your entire system and allows you to choose from a variety of high-end equipment alternatives.

You have all of the versatility you need to safeguard your business inside and out, with security sensors, safety alarms, inside cameras, outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, smart locks, and more.

Consider the following three best business security options:

  • Vivint -  is the best commercial security system.
  • Frontpoint – The best do-it-yourself security systems with round-the-clock monitoring
  • Abode - It's best if you run your company from your house.

When Does Investing in a Business Security System Make Sense?
Investing in a company security system is an economical method to offer yourself peace of mind and protect what you've worked so hard to develop if you have a physical location (even if it's your house).

You can rest certain that your business is being watched over even when you aren't there thanks to the expert monitoring services that come standard with most of the systems on our list. If they can't reach you, some will automatically notify authorities and dispatch help as quickly as possible.

These quick response times serve to reduce damage while keeping you and your squad safe.

Small companies, restaurants, retail stores, and multi-location commercial buildings should all have suitable security systems in place to prevent break-ins and vandalism, as well as safeguard your business from other hazards such as fires, floods, carbon dioxide leaks, and other threats.

Even home offices should be secured with a security system, camera, or monitoring system. A proactive approach is the way to go, regardless of the size or location of your company.

It's preferable to have a security system in place and not use it than to have anything go wrong and regret not investing sooner.

1 – Vivint — The Best Business Security System - Our Pick

Vivint is our top selection because it offers the best of both worlds: complete DIY security and commercial-grade security. It provides high-quality solutions at a reasonable price, making it a cost-effective option that includes all of the necessary professional equipment and services in one package.

You may develop a personalized solution to secure your entire organization, including your most vulnerable weak points, whether your space is large, tiny, or somewhere in between.

There are many of hardware solutions available, and they all work together to safeguard your company, products, employees, and consumers. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter security solutions and choose any combination of sensors, cameras, and locks for a fully personalized system tailored to your needs.


Vivint offers wireless motion detectors, entryway sensors, and glass break sensors for burglary detection and prevention. All of them have built-in alarms to deter burglars. They can be used to keep an eye on doors, windows, and drawers.

Is there a door that should not be open? Your sensors will alert you to the situation.

To ward off potential dangers, all of Vivint's security cameras have light and sound deterrents. When they detect motion, they immediately begin recording, so you can go back and examine what triggered the alarm at any moment.

Alternatively, you may watch live footage on your phone whenever you want or get a Smart Drive storage box that can store up to 30-days worth of continuous footage so you can go back and watch historical material.

The Smart Drive features built-in (and automated) event markers that make it simple to identify what you're looking for without having to wade through hours of footage to find noteworthy events.

It can detect human movement and tell you exactly where to look.

Vivint's inside camera includes a 155-degree pan and 80-degree tilt, records in full HD 1080p, and has a built-in two-way communication system so you can communicate with your personnel even if you aren't present. It's a great feature, and it's a sensible move for you to be able to lead your team through emergency scenarios while you're gone.

Outdoor cameras were also recently added to the company's security system lineup. They have a surprisingly loud siren (at 85 decibels) to deter break-ins, as well as intelligent software that can distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles.

You can relax knowing that you will not receive an alert every time a bird lands on your doorstep, a squirrel shows interest in your cameras, or a car drives down the street directly in front of your business.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to instruct your cameras as to where your property begins and ends. You can set up a perimeter to avoid unwanted notifications for movements outside your property, such as someone walking on the sidewalk, and focus on areas that are important to you.

The outdoor cameras from Vivint have 4K HD video and a 140-degree pan. With 3x HD zoom and 10x digital zoom, you can easily zoom in on license plates and faces without losing quality.  If you want to modernize your lock system, Vivint offers smart lock hardware and software that eliminates the need for keys. It also gives you more control over your company's security, no matter where you are.

You can easily lock or unlock your doors at a specific time with smart locks, or you can unlock the back door for a delivery and lock it back up after the driver has left—all from your phone.

Depending on the state of your current locks, you may need to replace them all. However, Vivint's smart locks can be retrofitted over certain types of existing locks with minor modifications for a low-cost upgrade.

Aside from criminal activity and intrusions, environmental safety features such as flood sensors, smoke and temperature detectors, and CO2 sensors can be added. When properly configured, you can even restrict airflow to contain a fire, unlock all doors when a fire alarm sounds, or raise the temperature to prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter.

All of your equipment is housed in a centralized hub that you can access online, via a mobile app, or through a panel installed inside your business.

You can connect smart devices like lights, thermostats, and smart locks to the hub and control them from anywhere.

Want to save money on your summer electric bill by turning off the air conditioning and lights when no one is home? Not a problem. You can adjust everything manually or set up an automation to do it for you at a specific time.

It's a powerful system that combines security, automation, and high-quality equipment into a single package that gives a modernized workplace peace of mind.

Whatever hardware you choose, you can also add professional 24/7 monitoring for $19.99 per month for added peace of mind even when you're not there.

It's a great addition if you're going on a long vacation or have long periods of time where you'll be alone.

2 – Frontpoint — The Best DIY Security Systems With 24/7 Monitoring

Not every business requires a complex security system with professional installation services; you may only require a few cameras and sensors that are simple to install.

Fortunately, DIY doesn't have to mean foregoing high-end equipment and professional services required to keep a close eye on your business while you're away. Frontpoint, our top DIY pick, is about as high-end as it gets when it comes to a truly DIY security system that does not require professional installation.

It's a winning combination of professional-grade hardware and white-glove customer service without the hassle or cost of installation services.

All of Frontpoint's security systems are simple enough to install yourself in less than an hour, and, unlike other DIY solutions, there are dozens of high-quality pieces of equipment available.

You are not limited to low-quality, low-cost equipment that never seems to work.

You can get everything you need to secure your business from the inside out, including alarm systems and video surveillance, as well as hazard protection and professional monitoring.


Your Frontpoint security system's brains are a hub and keypad combination that holds everything together and controls the entire system. Both have tamper and damage detection sensors that automatically alert a professional monitoring team if they are destroyed or tampered with.

All you have to do when you get them is connect them to your internet network and add your devices.

They have a cellular connection with WiFi backups and a battery backup that lasts 24 hours. So even if your power goes out, you're still safe. Regardless of the time of day or night, your system is always operational.

Aside from your hub and keypad, you may design a security system that covers your entire space with almost a dozen different types of sensors, detectors, cameras, and smart devices. You can relax knowing that no matter how many rooms, doorways, or windows you have, they're all covered.

Frontpoint offers three pre-built systems with a variety of equipment to get you started, including:

  • The Safehouse is available for $99 on Amazon.
  • The Bunker – $475.44 a month or $15.34 per week
  • The Fortress - $598.41 a month or $19.31

The Safehouse package contains the essentials, such as the hub and keypad, two door or window sensors, one motion sensor, as well as window stickers and yard signs indicating that your home is secure.

Additional sensors, including as smoke and heat sensors, as well as an indoor camera, are included in the other options.

As an added bonus, all of the pre-built systems come with a complimentary doorbell camera. You can customize the pre-built kits by adding as many devices as you want, or you can start from scratch and create your own fully.

Installing your system and realizing you left something out, or wanting to beef up security in a specific area? Not a problem. You simply need to order your equipment, activate it, connect it to your hub, and install it. You can always add more equipment to your package at any time. It's really that simple.

Depending on your budget, Frontpoint offers 0% financing on all of its equipment or you can pay for everything upfront.

All Frontpoint equipment includes a mobile app that allows you to control your locks, lights, and thermostats, as well as any other equipment connected to your hub. You can also watch video on your phone, see and silence notifications and alerts, and set up custom notifications.

Other noteworthy features of the mobile app include:

  • To disarm the system, your employees will need to enter a unique user code.
  • Sensor history records, allowing you to determine when things went wrong.
  • Video and image history for cameras that are linked
  • Customized automations and reminders

Frontpoint's machine learning algorithm is another standout feature—after a few weeks, it can automatically detect and alert you about unusual activity as an added layer of security.

Do you have a front door that you usually unlock at 7 a.m.? The system notifies you if it is unlocked at 5 a.m. instead, or on days when you do not normally go to the office. The same software can also notify you if a window was left open overnight.

It becomes smarter and more familiar with your habits over time, making it more effective at detecting unusual activity.

Frontpoint's installation process is as simple as it gets, even if you've never installed anything or used a power tool before.

Because most Frontpoint equipment adheres to practically any flat surface, you may install it completely without using any tools.

Everything you order is delivered to your home and is preconfigured, making it extremely plug-and-play. There's also a free setup guide available through the app that walks you through the process step by step.

You can reach out to Frontpoint's customer service team at any moment if you get stuck. The company has the finest customer service ratings in the market, whether you need help with installation, have a query regarding the app, or need troubleshooting advice.

You can rely on them to show up when you need them.

After you install your system, you will receive not only the greatest customer service in the market, but also 24/7 professional monitoring.

If you don't deactivate an alarm within 30 seconds, the expert monitoring staff will phone you and ask for a vocal passcode to disarm it for you if it's not an emergency scenario. Authorities are automatically deployed to your business if you don't answer, don't have the passcode, or give the wrong answer.

Hourly inspections are also performed by the monitoring team to guarantee that your system is functioning properly. So, just because the setup is simple doesn't mean you have to forego security and protection.

There are two types of monitoring plans to choose from:

  • Interactive - $1.48 per day (about $44.50 per month)
  • Ultimate – $1.64/day (about $50/month)

You must be on the Ultimate Plan if you have security cameras because it includes motion-triggered alerts, night vision, live video streaming, and video history. It's also your only option if you go with smart locks.

Everything is protected by a 30-day, no-questions-asked risk-free guarantee, as well as a three-year warranty on defective equipment.

3 – Abode — The Best If You Run Your Business Out of Your Home

Abode is a leading provider of home security systems. It provides a great balance of affordability, high-end equipment, and cutting-edge smart home software to protect and secure your entire home.

It offers the most comprehensive and extensive choice of smart home integrations, automation software, and equipment, earning it our top recommendation for home-based enterprises.

You can select between two cutting-edge pre-built home security systems. Both are completely wireless and require only 30 minutes of your time to setup without the use of any tools. While it's designed to be a do-it-yourself solution, you may pay for professional installation if you need it.


For apartments and smaller spaces, the iota kit is ideal.

It comes with a single motion and video capturing device. It's little, non-discrete, and compact, but it's not without function.

It also has a high-definition video and motion sensor, as well as two-way audio and automatic person detection, to assist decrease false alerts. The device connects through wifi or ethernet, with cellular backup in the event of a power outage.

All iota kits come with a keyfob that can be used to control the system from anywhere and entrance sensors to secure your home's most vulnerable entry points.

There are three different Iota packages to pick from:

  • Bundle 1 – iota device, keypad, one motion sensor, and four entry-way sensors
  • Base option – iota device and one entry-way sensor
  • Iota device, keypad, and three entry-way sensors are included in Bundle 2. (no motion sensors)

The Smart Security Kit, the second pre-built security system, is better suited for larger apartments and homes. It works similarly to the other security systems on our list in that you receive a central hub (called a gateway) that manages your complete system and allows you to put cameras and sensors everywhere in your home.

This package is more adaptable, but it is also more expensive, because it is suitable for larger places. There are four different bundles to pick from:

  • One entry-way sensor and one motion sensor are included in the base option.
  • One entry-way sensor, one motion sensor, and two cameras are included in Bundle 1.
  • Bundle 2 includes a keypad, three door sensors, and one motion sensor.
  • Bundle 3 sensors: a keypad, four entry-way sensors, and two motion sensors

A keyfob and the gateway that controls the system within your house are included in all Smart Security bundles.

Both security systems include a built-in 93 dB siren and the potential to connect up to 160 devices, allowing you to build the smart—and secure—home-based business you deserve.

You may add sensors and cameras to your pre-built kit regardless of the option you choose, making it adaptable and totally configurable to meet your needs. If your demands change, you can add new equipment over time.   Abode has a security camera add-on that may be used both inside and outside.

It's weatherproof, wifi-enabled, and has night vision capabilities, so it can be used almost anyplace. There are six distinct types of entryway sensors, two different motion sensors, and a variety of accessories to choose from.

Rather than adding to a pre-built kit, you can create your own from the ground up.

Simply answer a few questions about your property, and Abode will generate intelligent recommendations based on your responses.

Aside from the equipment, Abode's CUE automation software is among the best we've seen in the home security sector. It connects to all of your smart devices, including your thermostat, lights, smart locks, and security system.

Furthermore, getting started is a breeze thanks to an intuitive, step-by-step setup guide for connecting all of your devices. It will also show you how to set up automations, which are at the heart of the software.

You can use Abode's powerful automation features to set up almost anything you can think of. You can, for example, set your phone to perform certain actions based on its proximity to your home.

Do you want the door to automatically unlock when you're 15 feet away and lock when you leave? Not a problem.

Another cool feature is automatic sunrise and sunset times based on your latitude and longitude—the time is updated automatically throughout the year to match conditions, and you can use sunset or sunrise as triggers in your automations. You can, for example, program it to turn on the porch light when someone approaches your front door between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

Conditional automations in Abode, on the other hand, give you more advanced control over when specific actions occur. You can use them to create a trigger, a response, and a condition.

For example, you could make human detection your trigger, snapping a photo your response, and lingering for more than X minutes your condition.

Another cool feature is automatic sunrise and sunset times based on your latitude and longitude—the time is updated automatically throughout the year to match conditions, and you can use sunset or sunrise as triggers in your automations. You can, for example, program it to turn on the porch light when someone approaches your front door between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

Conditional automations in Abode, on the other hand, give you more advanced control over when specific actions occur. You can use them to create a trigger, a response, and a condition.

For example, you could make human detection your trigger, snapping a photo your response, and lingering for more than X minutes your condition.

Abode provides two different monthly plans to choose from:

  • Standard – $0.20 per day (about $6 per month) without professional oversight
  • Pro - $0.66 per day (about $20 per month) with professional monitoring available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For the most part, we recommend the Pro plan. It also entitles you to free shipment on all of your equipment and a discount on homes insurance, which can help offset the increased monthly cost.

If you're planning a vacation, you can opt for the Standard package and take use of Abode's on-demand monitoring services.

With the on-demand option, you can pick between three or seven days of 24/7 monitoring with no hidden costs or obligations. If you want extra eyes on your house while you're away, this is a great option.


It's difficult to feel secure about your company's physical location if you don't have a good security system in place.

For most businesses, Vivint is our #1 security system choice because it makes it simple for everyone to achieve peace of mind. The low cost eliminates a long-standing impediment to many workplaces, storefronts, and buildings being as secure as they should be.

We don't think Vivint is the sole good option for everyone, though. Others on this list have merits to examine and may be more suitable for your requirements. So, to select the best security solution for your company, remember to follow our methodology and recommended use cases outlined in this article.

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