Are you in search for a seo tool that will help you know the competition of a particular keyword? If so, then you are in the right place, in this article(Keyword Revealer Review) I am going to be revealing an seo tool(Keyword Revealer), the features you need to know about this tool, it pricing and its pros and cons,

But before we dive into this article let's begin with the one of the most common question

What Is  Keyword Revealer Tool?, What does It do?

Keyword Revealer is a keyword intelligence tool that helps marketers uncover keywords with minimal competition. Keyword Revealer Information Revealer of keywords. Also one of the best KWFinder Alternatives

Low-competition keywords are discovered with the help of keyword research tools. When it comes to keyword optimization, this might save you a lot of time and effort. They also show the search volume as well as other pertinent information like SERPs, keyword difficulty, and other statistics.

Let's talk about the features of keyword revealer, what we need to know about this seo tool



One of the things you need to know before using Keyword revealer, you need to know that before you use the rank tracker tool you need to upgrade your free plan(If you are using a free plan) before you can be able to use the rank tracker tool


Low competition keywords are found using keyword research tools. This can help you save time and effort when it comes to keyword optimization. They also display the search volume as well as other relevant data such as SERPs, keyword difficulty, and other statistics.


Monitoring your keyword ranks is a great approach to gauge the success of your SEO campaign. If your results continue to improve, you're clearly doing something correctly. However, if your rankings continue to decline, you must take action to reverse the trend.
Every two days, Keyword Revealer tracks your whereabouts. This frequency cannot be changed, unfortunately.

You can create events to keep track of events that have an impact on your keyword rankings. For example, if your ranks increased as a result of Google's algorithm modifications, you can create an event for it.


Keyword brainstorming is part of the features of keyword revealer, see the image below:


When it comes to finding the proper keywords for your organization, the Keyword Research function isn't always enough. Some results may have insufficient search volumes, while others may have excessive difficulty scores.

Use the Keyword Brainstorming tool instead of fiddling with this feature. Discover previously unknown long-tail keywords (data is pulled from Google Autosuggest). Only YouTube and Google can provide you with suggestions.

When you enter a seed term, a list of probable long-tail keywords appears. The information is provided in a tree manner. This allows you to group your keywords and organize them accordingly.


When you type in a keyword it brings about keywords other keywords relating to that keyword you typed in, it shows you the cpc(cost per click), their keyword difficulty, their search volume, the way they trend on google, and the PPC(that is the number of advertiser on each keyword.

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Keyword Revealer have a free, basic, pro and elite plans.

Some of the fundamental functionalities are available in the free edition. It's a wonderful opportunity to test out the tool and see if it meets your needs.

You can get the most out of this tool by paying for one of the subscription plans. The BASIC plan is ideal for beginner bloggers and website owners who wish to find low competition keywords quickly and easily without having to spend a lot of money.

Digital marketing businesses and search engine optimization pros will benefit from the PRO and ELITE programs. Every day, you can utilize them to identify hundreds of potential keywords.

Monthly or annual payments are available. Within seven days of joining up, they give a complete money-back guarantee. Although it would be wonderful if it were longer, seven days is more than enough time to evaluate if Keyword Revealer is something you can use.



  • Data on keywords – Every keyword examination provides a wealth of information. It gathers information from social networking sites and search engines (average SEO metrics from SERPs, difficulty scores). This provides you with a bird's-eye view of all of the top-ranking pages for your keywords. You can decide whether or not to utilize keywords based on the information provided.
  • Interface is simple and straightforward – Unlike other solutions that segregate keyword research into different sub-pages, Keyword Revealer keeps everything in one place.
  • Keywords can be filtered.
  • Keywords can be saved and downloaded.
  • You can do keyword brainstorming.
  • You can utilize the rank tracker function to see how effective your keywords are.


  • At any given time, you can only analyze three keywords.
  • Frequently, searching for and evaluating keywords takes far too long.
  • It manually discovers keyword, making it to take time to discover other keyword.


Keyword research isn't always straightforward. It can be difficult but enjoyable. To identify the finest keywords for your organization, you must consider a variety of metrics and other considerations. Any company's search engine optimization strategy must include keyword research.

You should learn how to select keywords with the most monthly searches and the lowest difficulty scores as soon as possible if you want to increase traffic and potential revenue to your website.

Keyword Revealer is a strong contender in the competitive field of keyword research tools. Its basic, straightforward user interface can assist users of all levels of experience in swiftly locating the correct keywords to satisfy their requirements.

Keyword evaluation provides a wealth of information that can be used to select which keywords to employ. You must, however, carefully examine each keyword you're considering to get its Difficulty scores.

Well if you are a beginner starting out with keyword revealer, will be the best for you , due to the fact being that it is the cheapest of all the seo tool so far presently. But if you want a very fast keyword research, that will load more keyword faster than Keyword revealer then I will advice you to go for serpstat, and you can also check out our serpstat review .

You Can Watch The Tutorial About Keyword Revealer Below:

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