Are you thinking about using SEMrush for SEO or digital marketing research/analysis? We'll help you decide whether or not SEMrush is ideal for you in this hands-on SEMrush review.

We'll go over each function and determine which aspects of SEMrush make it a feasible choice for specific organizations.
In this SEMrush review, I'll put one of the most well-known SEO tools to the test.

First let's answer one of the most common questions being asked so far?


SEMrush is a tool that aids in the optimization of a website for search engines. SEMrush is a publicly traded firm established in the United States with 23 offices throughout the world. However, in light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, some in the SEO industry have expressed concern over the company's Russian roots (both its founders are Russian and it has a lot of employees in Russia).

SEMrush works by providing you with a wealth of data that you may use to:

  • Look for possibilities to build links.
  • Improve the technical features of your site to improve its search ranks.
  • Find out what people are searching for on Google to use that to generate new online content that is likely to draw visitors.

SEMrush, for example, can provide keyword ideas based on phrases you submit, which can be used as the basis for generating blog posts that are likely to do well in search results.

It may also inform you how difficult specific search queries will be to rank for.

It will recommend websites that you should contact for backlinks.

It also allows you to conduct an SEO audit on your website to see if there are any technical adjustments that can be made to boost your search results.

But that's just the start: Semrush offers a slew of other tools to help you boost your site's search ranks. I will go over each one in detail below, emphasizing all of their benefits and drawbacks.

Let's begin by looking at a concept known as KEYWORD RESEARCH



Keyword Research is mainly for:

  • Determining the number of people searching for a specific keyword
  • Determining the difficulty of ranking for that keyword determining who is currently ranked for that keyword obtaining suggestions for other keywords

SEMrush's keyword research may look somehow complex at first, but it's really just a more advanced version of Google's Keyword Planner. You may search for broad, specific, and phrase keywords, all of which are useful for discovering keywords you hadn't considered previously.

Getting basic keyword information:
You type a phrase into Semrush's 'Keyword Overview' tool to get basic keyword information.

You'll notice the following after doing so:

  • The number of Google searches for the term every month
  • a list of the top-ranking sites for THE KEYWORD
  • its score for 'keyword difficulty'
  • Here are a few recommendations for a few related keywords to focus on.



SEMrush's Rank Tracking combines statistics and SEO tools to show how well your website is performing in comparison to others in your field.

The majority of these tools may be found in SEMrush's Projects page. You must upload and connect to all of your website pages using the On-Page SEO Checker. Following that, it gives recommendations on how you might improve your SEO.

Because you can enter in specific keywords and watch how your pages and blog posts rank when average visitors search for those keywords, the rank tracking tools are also ideal for content marketing.

Overall, the SEMrush rank tracking capabilities appear to be easy and powerful enough to let you keep track of how well you're performing in search engines at all times. You also receive social media tracking as a bonus.



SEMrush's keyword suggestion and search engine ranking tools are excellent, but it really shines when it comes to competitor analysis.

It's the ultimate espionage tool, where you plug in keywords and SEMrush compares your site to numerous competitors' sites. It shows you the top-ranking keywords from all of those sites, as well as if you can compete by targeting those keywords.

A feature called Market Explorer is also available. In a nutshell, the Market Explorer takes your website and finds other websites that are comparable to it. You can figure out how those other sites receive their traffic and create a strategy that focuses on referrals, search, and social marketing.


Let's now move on to a  practical portion of our SEMrush evaluation.

The SEMrush dashboard is, without a question, frightening. However, playing around with the tools and figuring out where everything is stored doesn't take long. It's similar to Excel or Photoshop in that you won't utilize all of the functions at first, but it's wonderful to have them as your company expands.

There are various sections in the dashboard for analyzing your domains and checking traffic. You can also type in keywords to keep track of them for a long time.


The customer support and dashboard resources are very appealing. SEMrush contains connections to all customer service channels, and as you navigate through the features, you'll see brief tips detailing what each one performs. Furthermore, direct customer service is simply a click away.


semrush pricing-1
semrush pricing-2
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Semrush is a fantastic SEO tool that provides you with all of the crucial data you'll need to complete a successful SEO project. Its link building and site auditing tools, in particular, stick out to me – the former provides a fantastic 'CRM' style approach of creating backlinks, while the latter provides a super-easy checklist of methods to improve your technical and on-page SEO.

What are the primary drawbacks? Well, Google is the only search engine for which Semrush delivers data; all accounts come with only one user account ('seat'); and numerous critical capabilities are only available as part of a 'project' (with limits applying to the number of projects you can run concurrently).

It's also a little disheartening that some of the competitive intelligence services are only available as a $200 monthly add-on. Semrush, on the other hand, is a really good service that gives you the vital data you need to optimize your search ranks. However, like with all of the goods we review, we urge that you try the tool out for yourself before purchasing – an extended free trial is available here for a limited time.

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