You are currently viewing Thrive Leads Review 2022 – Ultimate WordPress Plugin For Lead Generation

Thrive Leads Review 2022 – Ultimate WordPress Plugin For Lead Generation

You are welcome to my review of Thrive Leads - A suite of Thrive Theme.

You're probably aware of the significance of creating an email list and generating leads. Which WordPress lead generation plugin, however, should you use?

Thrive Leads is a popular choice, but is it appropriate for you?

That is what we want to uncover in this Thrive Leads review. I'll also demonstrate how the plugin works and how to utilize it on your WordPress website.

But before we going into this full detailed article, let's answer one of the most asked question about Thrive Leads.

What Is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads Is part of the suite of thrive theme, thrive Leads is a robust WordPress lead generating plugin that can help you build email lists, promote items, and increase conversions. Thrive Leads bridges that gap by assisting you in the creation of a range of various sorts of WordPress opt-in forms, which you can then target and optimize in a variety of beneficial ways.

Let's go ahead to discuss about the features of thrive leads wordpress plugin


First we need to know that thrive leads plugin is for collecting leads when visitors visit your website, not for also sending emails, thrive leads have different type of forms, that you can create inside of it. Which are;

  • In content forms
  • Popup Lightbox
  • Slide-in forms
  • Screen filler overlay
  • Ribbon
  • Post footer

These are the major opt-in forms you can create with thrive leads


In-Content Forms


Using the Thrive Leads shortcodes, you can effortlessly insert the forms into your articles. Simply copy and paste the appropriate shortcode into a post or page, and the form will be updated when the content is published. Another similar option from Thrive Leads is the post footer form. This form type can be presented automatically at the end of each blog post, giving the reader a clear signal of what to do next after finishing an article. Again, as with the other Thrive Leads form types, you have complete control over when and where they appear.

In-content forms are fantastic since they may be put within your content anywhere you see fit. If a reader is enjoying your material and comes across a form in one of your posts, there's a strong chance they'll join up right away.

Thrive Leads Pop-up LightBox

download (2)

This is possibly the most common type of form in the Thrive Leads arsenal. These forms frequently appear in the middle of the browser window, with a dark background that obscures the rest of the page, when a certain trigger has been activated.

This plugin is jam-packed with pop-up form triggers, as you'll discover later in this review. However, some instances are when a person scrolls through a specific percentage of the page, after a given length of time on the page, or when they are about to leave your site (exit intent trigger).

When activated, the form can be used to display an opt-in form for your email list. It can also be used to show a custom message of your choice. The pop-up lightbox form is also commonly used to display promotional messages or connections to additional material on your website. Thrive Leads, on the other hand, allows you to add any content you want to this form of pop-up.

Slide-In Forms


Consider yourself at a networking event, casually conversing with a handful of nice people when this guy walks into your group and begins loudly shouting about himself. You can't ignore him, but his presence will most likely irritate you.

Imagine the same setting, but this time an attractive lady touches you on the shoulder when you're finished chatting and enters the group nicely while introducing herself. You would still have noticed her, but without being bothered.

Please welcome Miss Slide-In.

Slide-ins are opt-in forms that appear in a corner of the screen and allow you to draw the attention of your readers in style.

Thrive Leads Screen Filler Overlay


To prevent aggravating your audience, give them the choice of closing the screen filler form rather than taking you up on the offer. You can also customise this form using Thrive Leads' advanced options to avoid exposing it to visitors who have already seen it.

The Scroll Mat form is a comparable form option in the Thrive Leads toolset. As soon as the website loads, this form type appears. Instead of employing a lightbox window to overlay the page content, the usual content is moved down the page, forcing readers to scroll past the mat to get to the main content. The form type that will produce the best results for you is determined on your website and target audience. Thrive Leads, on the other hand, makes it simple to employ many forms on different portions of your site. You can then conduct experiments to determine which is the most effective.

Ribbon Form


The ribbon form, like the pop-up lightbox form, can have triggers configured. It is also possible to control how frequently it is presented.

The type of form is displayed in your website's header, pushing down the page content to keep the ribbon visible at all times. If you like, you may give your visitors the option to hide the ribbon form, but regardless of how you configure it, this form can be a terrific way to share an essential message with your audience.



Connecting Thrive Leads to your preferred email marketing service is simple. Simply navigate to API Connections in your standard Thrive Dashboard and select from the lengthy drop-down list, just as the image above.

The image below shows you the email marketing service that you can connect or integrate into thrive leads


Thrive Leads is available as a standalone product for $97/year for one site.

Alternatively, you can have access to Thrive Leads by joining the Thrive Suite, which costs $299 per year or $99 per quarter.

Thrive Suite is jam-packed with valuable and necessary tools that every marketer requires to expand their online business.

You can use any of these tools on up to five different websites. You will also receive unrestricted support and updates. Agency licensing is also available.

Concerned about wasting money by not utilizing some of the other capabilities in Thrive Suite? Don’t. Even if you only used Thrive Leads, it would be significantly less expensive than a comparable cloud-based service. You'd also have no limits on conversions or traffic.



  • There are numerous sorts of opt-in forms.
  • Thrive Architect allows for simple drag-and-drop form creation.
  • There are numerous pre-made templates available.
  • SmartLinks is a function that displays various offers to existing members.
  • Split A/B testing that is simple to set up and allows you to determine the winner automatically
  • Targeting by page and taxonomy
    Opt-in forms with content restrictions


  • Because it's a WordPress plugin, everything is exclusive to the WordPress installation, which can be inconvenient if you have many websites.


If you’ve been meaning to start building your email list for a while now, Thrive Leads is a powerful plugin that can help you make up for lost time.

Choosing this plugin gives you access to a powerful set of features, combined with a good selection of conversion-focused templates. In fact, there aren’t any notable features lacking from Thrive Leads that would cause you to regret choosing this tool.

So if you really want to maximize the results you get from your pop-up forms, opt-in displays, and other lead generation assets, Thrive Leads provides you with the tools, reports, and data to generate more leads with the same amount of traffic.

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